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paying a teenager for watering

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Catlover123 Sun 28-May-23 18:06:06

I'm going away for a couple of weeks and have arranged for a teenager (I think he is about 14) to come and water some plants and pots in the garden. I think it will take about half an hour and he is about a 5 minute walk away. If I paid him for an hour each visit what should I expect to pay him?

Oopsadaisy1 Sun 28-May-23 18:21:49

Minimum wage. It varies, so I would go for the one nearest his age group.

Joseann Sun 28-May-23 18:28:04

I would say £10 a visit.

Daisymae Sun 28-May-23 18:34:55

Well the minimum wage for under 18 is £5.28, how about £5 per visit and then round it up to the nearest ten? So if he came 3 times then £20? I hope that you are going to get him round to discuss what you need? Plus point out how much each pot needs? Never assume anything.... Of course you may need to reconsider if you come back to a load of dried up plants!

VioletSky Sun 28-May-23 18:39:14

I wouldn't go with minimum wage by age

The fact that we pay people less for the same amount of work just because they are young is something I've never agreed with

I'd go for just above adult minimum wage because paying minimum wage gives the clear message that people are paid the least a business can legally get away with

Sorry that's all a bit political but I needed to explain lol

Norah Sun 28-May-23 18:42:24

We'd pay £10 per time of watering. (grandchild rate)

BlueBelle Sun 28-May-23 18:46:29

£10 a time sounds about right to me too generous enough

ParlorGames Sun 28-May-23 18:50:49

Have you. considered taking to the boys parents? simply explain that you're a bit out of touch and don't want to appear stingy, nor do you want to risk him getting the notion that everyone can be as generous as you might potentially be. Hope that makes sense and I hope he takes good care of your plants; enjoy your break.

Skydancer Sun 28-May-23 19:11:50

I also think £10 would be about right.

NotSpaghetti Sun 28-May-23 19:24:22

Whilst £10 a visit doesn't sound excessive it translates to a pretty decent wage!
A lot more than many adults.

I would come to a decision not per day but for the duration - and see what he says.

Catlover123 Sun 28-May-23 19:26:01

ParlorGames - yes, fully expected to have the discussion, I just wanted an idea in my own mind.

Forlornhope Sun 28-May-23 19:43:42

I would err on the generous side if you can afford it. You want him to do a good job, be willing to do it again (if all is satisfactory this time) and this is a casual arrangement not a pay negotiation with Mick Whelan.

Catlover123 Sun 28-May-23 20:00:17

ha ha who is Mick Whelan?

Calendargirl Mon 29-May-23 07:11:14

Also depends on how often you expect him to come. Daily? At £10 a visit, will soon add up if you are away for a fortnight. Whereas if the weather is cooler, he might not come so often.

I would aim for about a fiver a visit, but round up at the end to a suitable amount.

At 14, that wouldn’t be a bad little earner if he lives so close and doesn’t sound an arduous task.

£50 or so, not to be sneezed at.

Calendargirl Mon 29-May-23 07:17:32

Should add, with respect, I don’t agree with VS about different pay for different age groups.

If someone asked my DH or my GS to water their garden, I know who would do the better job. Not criticising GS, but Grandad just has more idea and know how about what is required. Down to age and experience, hence the different amounts paid for jobs.

I also realise some youngsters would do a better job than some adults, but as a general rule, age trumps youth in certain tasks.

M0nica Mon 29-May-23 08:16:39

Curiously. I was intending to arranging something similar with my neighbour's children. I am reckoning 2 visits a week when we are away for 3 weeks in August and that the full watering could take upto an hour and half, as I have a large veg patch, greenhouse and a herb garden and containers near the house.

I was reckoning on pay ing £10 an hour.

Forsythia Mon 29-May-23 08:19:34

I used to pay £5 several years ago. You need to be sure he will do it every day or however regularly you want him to. Sometimes, they don’t turn up.

NotSpaghetti Mon 29-May-23 08:25:50

I think £10 an hour for a young person is generous.
I would not be offering £10 for a half-hour to be honest.

Maggiemaybe Mon 29-May-23 08:51:50

Same here, Notspaghetti. £5 per half hour visit seems fair to me.

Mollygo Mon 29-May-23 09:03:36

Last time I did that for my tomatoes and veg (a friend’s daughter volunteered) we agreed what needed doing and when and how.
We arranged a fixed price of £40 for the 8 days and offered a bonus if the plants were all fit and healthy when we got back.

silverlining48 Mon 29-May-23 09:04:08

I wouldn’t pay £10 a visit which could be only 20 minutes and wouldn’t even need doing every day given our weather.
I would offer a set amount based on £5 Ish and maybe round it up if the garden isn’t dry and shrivelled on your return,
Assume you have spoken to his parents?
My gd would bite your arm off fir a 5 minute walk for £10 an hour , and so would I.
Enjoy your holiday.

Witzend Mon 29-May-23 09:04:42

We’re paying £10 a day at the moment, not just watering, also filling bird feeders. Teen lives a few doors away. Might not need to do it all every day but we’re paying anyway. TBH there was hardly anyone else we could ask, so just v pleased that someone is willing.
A dd pays the same for feeding the cats.

Hetty58 Mon 29-May-23 09:09:57

I think £10 per visit is right as well. You can't compare it with wages per hour - as he has to make the trip and you need to make it worthwhile.

NotSpaghetti Mon 29-May-23 10:23:44

True Hetty but 5 mins from home is not exactly a "journey".

Cheeseplantmad Mon 29-May-23 10:34:45

I think £5 for half hours watering plants is fair , it’s not a difficult job is it , my grown up gardener only charges £12 hour and he does considerably more than that . But , I’d prefer to look into buying some “ self watering “ kits for when away on holidays , there are many ideas online for self - watering plants , that way you can be totally independent .