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Long lasting lipstick?

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kittylester Fri 01-Dec-23 18:39:28

There has probably already been a thread about lipstick that lasts but I am looking for advice and recommendations. I look like death warmed up without lipstick so all help gratefully received.

crazyH Fri 01-Dec-23 18:43:00

Me too - doesn’t help that I have dark circles as well 😂

V3ra Fri 01-Dec-23 19:36:09

My favourite Rimmel lipstick has been discontinued so I had to find another one.
I've been very pleased with this one for its staying power!
There's a good choice of colours, I've had Rosewood.

Georgesgran Fri 01-Dec-23 19:46:11

Max Factor had one that came in two parts, matching sticks. The colour which was a bit dry, then a gloss that sealed it in which made it last for hours and was smudgeproof.
Not sure if it’s still on sale now,

crazyH Fri 01-Dec-23 19:51:06

Georgegran - yes, I’ve still got one of them in one of my makeup bags 😂

Ashcombe Fri 01-Dec-23 19:52:55

The Max Factor one sounds similar to one that I find lasts well made by Maybelline which is called Superstay 24 Hour lipstick. I find it lasts all day and doesn't leave lip marks when you kiss grandchildren's cheeks!!

OldFrill Fri 01-Dec-23 20:28:35

I use Lipcote (there are other makes) over any lipstick l want to last some time. It may dry your lips so moisturise well after removing it.

rafichagran Fri 01-Dec-23 20:39:39

Max factor 24 hours stay on is the best I have tried by far.

CanadianGran Fri 01-Dec-23 20:42:54

Maybelline Superstay Ink Crayon - it does last all day and is not expensive. I put on a really light coat, then wait for a few minutes and put on a lip balm.

Eternaloptimist Fri 01-Dec-23 21:24:52

I use Maybelline Superstay 24 HR. It really does stay on all day; even after eating and drinking. Good price too, at £11.

NotSpaghetti Fri 01-Dec-23 21:59:36

I am not a make-up person but recently bought Charlotte Tilbury lipstick (for a wedding) which was totally fabulous and long lasting.

I tried it on "on line" as they have a great virtual make-up system which let's you scan your face and the "system" recognises your lips and applies the colour.
I spent a happy hour trying on every colour and every level of shine on! (I even got a glimpse of the young me with nearly purple lips and me as a "vamp" with glorious red ones!)

I can't tell you how impressed i was with the accuracy of the colour.
I made sure my face was in natural light whilst I was "testing the colours out". The screen will allow you to colour all or half of your lips to compare with your natural shade which is also useful.

I chose TWO perfect shades! grin
Amazingly I've been loving them.
They are long lasting and I've worn them a lot since the wedding.
I did not need to reapply the lipstick all day.

If you set up an account I think there are bonuses and also free samples.

Greyisnotmycolour Fri 01-Dec-23 22:08:21

Max Factor Lipfinity is still for sale ladies. I find it an excellent product. Wipe it on with the applicator and finish off with the top coat to add some shine & moisture. It stays put all day and doesn't bleed into lines around the mouth. You can remove it either with warm water on cotton wool or any good make up remover.

OldFrill Fri 01-Dec-23 22:29:24

Are you bothered about animal testing?

storynanny Fri 01-Dec-23 23:10:40

Yes to maybelline super stay 24
My grandchildren ask if I’ve got my 24 hr lipstick on before I kiss them!

CocoPops Sat 02-Dec-23 05:24:06

Another vote for Maybelline Super Stay 24 hours.It does not leave smudges on wine glasses or toy-boys!

NotSpaghetti Sat 02-Dec-23 05:49:53

Charlotte Tilbury is Leaping Bunny approved (Cruelty Free International), OldFrill

OldFrill Sat 02-Dec-23 07:19:45


Charlotte Tilbury is Leaping Bunny approved (Cruelty Free International), OldFrill

Hi NotSpag
Yes, I'm aware x Just think many don't care or don't have a clue.

Primrose53 Sat 02-Dec-23 09:06:38

My best lipsticks are by Clarins.

NotSpaghetti Sat 02-Dec-23 10:08:43

True OldFrill - or of course the marketing is pretty strong in cosmetics so that people think, erroneously that some things are more plant based than they really are - "marine collagen" for example (which is not from seaweed)!

Oreo Sat 02-Dec-23 11:55:54

There’s an online make called Barry M which stays on a long time and is cheap to buy.

Serendipity22 Sat 02-Dec-23 12:17:56


I love it. I put it on and it stays on for hours.

Sephora were everywhere but nit in UK ....*but now they are - yeahhhh.*

💋 💄

Germanshepherdsmum Sat 02-Dec-23 13:37:42

And like so many of the other brands mentioned here their products are tested on animals.

Lilymae Mon 04-Dec-23 06:41:04

Look fabulous forever do really good long lasting lipstick