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How to have hair cut.

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Delia22 Sat 24-Feb-24 16:01:14

Just wondering whether very fine thin hair is better cut in a slightly longer style,say just below ear lobes, all one length.Or maybe a bit shorter in layers? I hope you understand what I'm getting at.It sounds a little confusing!๐Ÿ˜Ÿ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ

welbeck Sat 24-Feb-24 16:02:32

ask a hairdresser ?

Maggiemaybe Sat 24-Feb-24 16:42:55

Mineโ€™s very fine and thin and Iโ€™ve had hairdressers advocating both. I personally prefer mine shorter and well cut. Once it gets below my ears it starts to look too wispy.

eazybee Sat 24-Feb-24 17:52:40

Ask your hairdresser; she sees your head from all angles as well as the shape of your head. Having your hair trimmed regularly helps keep the shape once you have decided on the right length.

Patsy70 Sat 24-Feb-24 18:03:43

What style do you think suits you best? Look at photos of yourself and decide what you like. Then, discuss with your hairdresser and seek her advice.

Cossy Sat 24-Feb-24 18:22:54

Great advice here and I have nothing to add except let us know what you decided

Delia22 Sun 25-Feb-24 11:48:59

Thanks to those who responded.Atm I am trying to grow out some of the layers so that when I do go to the hairdresser she can advise either to trim it in a slightly longer style or go back to layers as before. Not all that important I suppose,given all the other worries going on all around us. Still,it's nice to hear others ideas!๐Ÿ˜Š

sodapop Sun 25-Feb-24 12:54:31

My har is very fine and thin Delia22 I find it looks better when it's short. If I let my hair grow it just looks straggly and even thinner.

welbeck Sun 25-Feb-24 13:04:54

fortunately, i have now found a v good hairdresser.
i just leave it to him. i don't even put glasses on to look, or use the mirror.
i tell him, whatever you do will be good.
and it is. suits me.
but he starts by saying, so number one then.
meaning a buzz cut almost to the scalp.
however, so far he has not followed through on this suggestion.
if he did i would have no grounds for complaint, having left it to him.
could wear a woolly cap to keep head warm.
and save money, as would take longer to grow before needing to be cut again.
which is probably why he doesn't do it . . .

keepingquiet Sun 25-Feb-24 13:12:47

I have always hated my fine hair, which isn't really changing as I get older. Not only is a good cut essential- I have tried layers, short cuts but always always come back to the bob. Has to be cut well though.
In addition good hair products matter. My sister's hair just lie mine looks terrible because she scrimps on conditioner.
The sort of shampoo you use is not nearly so important as a good conditioner. A healthy diet also helps!
Ask your hairdresser for advice.

foxie48 Sun 25-Feb-24 16:26:45

I second using good hair products. I use what my hairdresser uses and it makes a huge difference. Also for me the cut is important, chin length with some subtle layers is better than a one length cut.

Ali23 Sun 25-Feb-24 21:28:26

I have very fine hair too. I agree with those who have said that if it gets too long it gets straggly. However if it is too short I tend to look like a fleshy pin head!
I keep it fairly short and layered. I wash it, comb it and let it dry then comb again. If I use a blow drier it just gets full of static!

SheepyIzzy Wed 28-Feb-24 16:27:44

Mine is just above shoulders but layered and getting a trim on Monday. From half way down its lovely and wavy and "oh, wouldn't it be lovely if it were long?" I think when I see it in the mirror, NO IT BLOODY WELL ISNT!! October I think, I finally found a mobile hairdresser and said CUT! It was down my back, long, thin, frizzy, fine, lanky, horrendous...... need I go on? I have inherited wiry mess off my dad and thin fine hair off my mum, in other words, when short, around 2-3 inches, straight and easy to manage but the minute the annoying length gets past, the waves kick in. Humidity makes me look as if I've stuck my finger in an electric socket!

I've tried everything to help it, keretin types, perfect for a maximum of 2 washes then flat and greasy! Aussie moisture it loved, for a month, then above happened. Argan oil? See above. Lidl own brand for fine hair, 1st wash was fab! My hair felt like cardboard for the 2nd, ditto regarding the plantaur range.

My hair really knows how to p*ss me off basically!

And, going off topic, why do tv shows, show the characters wearing hats then removing said hats and revealing perfect hair? When I take my hat off, perfect is not what it looks like.

Oreo Wed 28-Feb-24 17:12:46

In answer to the OP, layers arenโ€™t great for fine hair, it takes away part of the top layer and makes hair look even thinner.
A bob looks best, all one length and not too long.

Delia22 Wed 28-Feb-24 17:38:32

That's what I was thinking Oreo.I,'ll let it get a bit longer then see what hairdresser says. Thanks for all the helpful posts!

Oreo Wed 28-Feb-24 18:48:00


kircubbin2000 Wed 28-Feb-24 19:28:50

The Judy Dench style is ideal for thin hair. Long thin hair is ageing.