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Who remembers the 'chain letters'

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Astitchintime Wed 03-Apr-24 08:21:17

Does anyone recall the chain letters that were 'doing the rounds' decades ago?

I must have been around nine years old and a plain postcard arrived in the post addressed to me. On the reverse was a list of four names and addresses - along with instructions for me to send a picture postcard to the name at the top of the list. It claimed that if I followed the instructions, in X amount of weeks I would get picture postcards from all over the world and be blessed with good luck and fortune.

I was to then send a plain postcard to four of my friends adding my name to the bottom of the list and moving the other three upward (leaving the top name off).

It also stated that if I didn't follow these instructions I would break the chain and receive bad luck as thousands of people would be disappointed.

Naturally, my Mum stepped in and convinced me, quite rightly, that the 'bad luck' threat was a load of rubbish and she told me that she wasn't wasting her money on buying postcards and stamps for such a silly project.

Just wondered if anyone else recalled these silly chain letters?

Grandmabatty Wed 03-Apr-24 08:57:48

I remember them too. I never responded to any either.

Freya5 Wed 03-Apr-24 08:58:36

Yes awful things. The ones I got, straight in the rubbish where they belonged , the stress and worry they must have caused some people.

Wheniwasyourage Wed 03-Apr-24 09:02:12

Yes, the tone was definitely threatening, and my DM stepped in too and told me not to believe a word of it.

25Avalon Wed 03-Apr-24 09:25:07

I actually did it for fun and it had come from bf. However I hardly got any postcards was good practise in that a few years after it escalated to asking you to send £1 coins or something like that - I think it was called pyramid sending. I knew to ignore it but lots were caught out. The first few to start it made money.

eddiecat78 Wed 03-Apr-24 09:51:48

There was a friendlier version which involved sharing recipes but I didn't join in that either. Awkward though as the request came from a friend

Parsley3 Wed 03-Apr-24 09:57:10

I did the recipe one but got nothing back.

crazyH Wed 03-Apr-24 10:04:59

Yes, I remember something but not the details 🤔

Witzend Wed 03-Apr-24 10:05:53

Yes, I don’t think I ever responded, either.

Esmay Wed 03-Apr-24 10:16:38

I fell for this trick once against the advice of my family .

annsixty Wed 03-Apr-24 10:24:32

There was also one where you sent a paperback book and you would receive a positive library back.
I never took part in any of them but it was rather awkward when it was a close friend who asked.

Calendargirl Wed 03-Apr-24 10:57:27

Oh yes. And the ‘this chain has been going for x number of years, please don’t be the one to break it’ etc.

Talk about guilt tripping!

Moonwatcher1904 Wed 03-Apr-24 11:02:19

A woman I worked with did this regularly on FB messenger. I never replied and ended up taking her off my FB because I was fed up of them.

Sarnia Fri 05-Apr-24 07:36:28

I never kept the chain going, nor do I respond to being asked to share or post things on Facebook.

BlueBelle Fri 05-Apr-24 09:58:00

I remember them I can’t remember if I did respond once or not but it certainly didn’t come to anything and I don’t think I got anything

sassysaysso Fri 05-Apr-24 09:58:52

There was also the one in the 1980s which involved sending money, I think it was about £100, with the promise of receiving many times that amount back.

MiniMoon Fri 05-Apr-24 09:59:52

I always broke the chain. I couldn't be bothered with such rubbish and told all my friends not to send them to me.

Blackcat3 Sat 06-Apr-24 11:11:15

I did one once where you were supposed to send new knickers…sent one pair got one pair…fair exchange! Not sure with all the weirdos these days I’d join in!

Cazza1953 Sat 06-Apr-24 11:29:31

Yes, I remember them doing the rounds. Never replied to them though

Stephaniehill Sat 06-Apr-24 11:35:29

A friendship cake! Got given some batter that you had to “feed”. It fermented… you gave some of the batter to someone else, and baked the rest. Remember it fermenting all over the top of our boiler… yay!

MattDanNana Sat 06-Apr-24 11:35:53

I remember those and also one where you sent a tea towel, and does anyone remember Friendship cake, where your friend gave you a batter that eventually made into rather a nice cake but kind of doubled in size which you then passed on to another friend. I remember keeping it going for ages!

Troglodite Sat 06-Apr-24 11:43:20

As a teenager, I loved the postcards chains which were doing the rounds in the 1960s. They set me off collecting old postcards. Still have the box somewhere.
Then as a wife, I remember the fermenting cake in the 1970s.
And what about the “Ginger beer” plant? I kept my cutting going until we moved abroad in 1976.
Never saw the “send a £1” one - nor the knickers, thank goodness!

NellieJ Sat 06-Apr-24 11:50:53

Did the book one and received a few back x so wasn’t out of pocket

sazz1 Sat 06-Apr-24 11:57:13

Can remember one coming but I just threw it away

GrauntyHelen Sat 06-Apr-24 12:10:43

Never entertained chain letters or the FB things but have enjoyed a few friendship cakes