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CariGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 28-Mar-12 11:38:49

Our latest Gransnet guest blogger is Amanda from The Women's Room. Her post - What not to wear takes a look at fashion trends best avoided at all costs by those of us who are now a little older and wiser.

Do you agree with her list? And what would you add to it?

wotsamashedupjingl Wed 28-Mar-12 11:59:19

What on earth is the woman in black doing to the woman in grey?!

Still, the woman in grey looks quite happy about it!

wotsamashedupjingl Wed 28-Mar-12 12:06:58

High street lace - a no no? confused

Does she get hers handmade in Bruges? hmm

Clean trainers can look good.

I would add polo style t-shirts, even though they are very comfortable (Sigh! Gone are the days - too much of me now!)

bagitha Wed 28-Mar-12 12:08:24

Trainers are good for walking in. Easier to look after than expensive leather walking shoes too. We don't all live in paved cities.

Anagram Wed 28-Mar-12 12:11:07

jingl! I really did laugh out loud when I saw the picture...
I agree with most of the Blog - especially the bit about not displaying Too Much Cleavage, and had a sigh of recognition when it mentioned knee wrinkles!

Anagram Wed 28-Mar-12 12:12:46

Don't agree about heels though - do they expect us all to wear flats (but not trainers!) all the time? shock

bagitha Wed 28-Mar-12 12:15:29

I wear flats all the time. Always have. Always will. Never a problem. Known for smart appearance even when casual.

Anagram Wed 28-Mar-12 12:31:16

I'm sure many women do, bagitha. Just not all of us!

gracesmum Wed 28-Mar-12 12:50:44

It reminds me of the description" 1881"
18 from behind, but 81 from in front! (No offence to gorgeous 81 year-olds intended)

gracesmum Wed 28-Mar-12 12:52:47

I would add beige or pastel 3/4 length raincoats, pleated or flowery skirts, "slacks" of any description, (as opposed to trousers) any combination of beige/lilac/pastel green./pink. But that is looking at it from the other end of the spectrum.

JessM Wed 28-Mar-12 13:05:45

Trainers essential wear for jogging, walking fast, running after grandsons and so many other occasions.
I think the technical term for what cartoon woman is up to is "goosing" isn't it - or checking to see how many centimetres dilated...? grin

bagitha Wed 28-Mar-12 13:06:23

Yes, quite, anagram. I was merely pointing out that one rule for all doesn't work, so we're agreed on that. I think that's the trouble with this kind of list. What may not work for one person almost certainly does work for someone else of the same 'vintage'.

Flowery skirts, for instance. It depends.... on the skirt and on the flowers as well as on the person wearing the skirt (or the flowers wink).

glassortwo Wed 28-Mar-12 13:19:45

Oh well thats it I failed miserably, sad

1. I have a gypsy top, yes I used to singalong with Bananarama.
2. Wear trainers and heel.
3. Got a couple of pairs of jeggings.
4. Love my cargo pants.
5. 2 wrap dresses.

You get the picture dont you wink I've got no style!!!

Jingle grin

harrigran Wed 28-Mar-12 13:28:37

Well she has just slagged off every piece of clothing I possess, and what is wrong with peplums ? I wore a very expensive suit to the palace that had a peplum. We might be getting older but we can still wear heels and trendy clothes.

wotsamashedupjingl Wed 28-Mar-12 13:32:31

grin This'll teach 'em to blog on Gransnet!!! wink

rosiemus Wed 28-Mar-12 13:45:02

I rather like their website ( - I do agree that it is difficult to generalise and what works for some will not work for others but I do agree with quite a lot of the things on the list. And while there are some things on there that I quite like in principle I am forced to agree that they look far better on the younger generation than they do on me these days. Sigh - sometimes I forget about the middle-aged spread and wrinkly bits and catching sight of them in the mirror is a bit of a shock. Still - I like to think I am young in mind if not in body and while I can't carry off a crop top any longer (ok - if ever) at least I am old and wise enough to realise this (just saw one on the high street with the biggest, wobbliest tummy hanging out underneath and it quite put me off my lunch)

rosiemus Wed 28-Mar-12 13:45:53

oops -

Anagram Wed 28-Mar-12 13:53:13

I thought 'goosing' was from behind? Perhaps you can have 'front goosing' as well...
Or she could be trying to cover up an unmentionable stain!

Greatnan Wed 28-Mar-12 14:06:10

Why would any mature woman be bothered by what some other woman thinks she should wear?

nanachrissy Wed 28-Mar-12 14:09:06

Jings that made me laugh out loud grin

I always wear flat shoes as I have titanium pins in one toe, if I didn't I would be in high heels.
I've never had much of a bust until now and my decolletage(sp?) is envied by my friends as it is smooth and not wrinkly, so I wear lowish but not tarty tops!

If you've got it...... grin

Annika Wed 28-Mar-12 14:21:20

I am off to look after my 18 month old GS tomorrow and I plan to take him to the park so I will be wearing trainers, a polo shirt and jogging bottoms so I will not be getting any awards for fashion sense but I will be comfortable wink grin

wotsamashedupjingl Wed 28-Mar-12 14:42:57

Polo shirts are alright if they are fitted in a bit. The straight up and down ones make me look even wider a bit wide.

wotsamashedupjingl Wed 28-Mar-12 14:44:59

Oh look. They don't trainers, but they like these! scroll down for the ^really^ awful ones

GoldenGran Wed 28-Mar-12 14:51:04

I'm a big failure! Love wrap dresses, wear trainers sometimes, love heels, but do wear flats, and have two skirts and two dresses with flowers on them. OOps, I forgot , have 1 pleated skirt,knee length. I do think gypsy skirts and anything too beige should be added to the list. However I'm a believer in wearing what you like and relying on very good friends and family to tell you, kindly, which are the worst offenders, the things they'd rather you didn't go out in grin

GoldenGran Wed 28-Mar-12 14:56:47

Have just seen the shoes they like*wotsup*, they are truly horrible, I don't think I will take these ladies too seriously.