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The truth about long-term love.

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CariGransnet (GNHQ) Thu 12-Apr-12 12:11:22

Our new guest blog post looks at the highs and lows of knowing your partner almost as well as you know yourself. Do you agree with author Kerri Sackville's observations - or have you found other good (and bad!) things about being with the same person for years on end?

grrrranny Thu 12-Apr-12 12:25:38

That's the truth about long-term love. Really? hmm

CariGransnet (GNHQ) Thu 12-Apr-12 13:16:22

Very possibly one of many (many) - we'd love to know what other's would list

Mamie Thu 12-Apr-12 13:48:01

The thing is I am not sure Kerri can talk about the long term yet; we have been together for 44 years which is starting to feel like quite a long time, but fifty plus feels more like long term. Not sure about lurve (whatever love is as the man said), more like best friends, companionship, shared memories, children, grandchildren, endless chatting about books, films, the garden, shared interests, knowing what the other is thinking, wanting to spend time together etc

PRINTMISS Thu 12-Apr-12 15:59:01

Oh! Yes Mamie, long term love, I have known my husband for 64 years, married for 60, and we still so enjoy each others company. Not sure, as you say if that is love, but it must be something that makes us the best of friends, good companions, and the ones we like to share the good and bad moments with. I sometimes feel quite sad for those young people who drift in and out of what is fondly called 'relationships'.

kittylester Thu 12-Apr-12 17:11:34

I agree with all of the above but still discover new things about my husband after nearly 42 years and, as we enjoy each other's compnay so much, I wonder about what will happen to the one left when the first one of us dies. sad

Charlotta Thu 12-Apr-12 22:12:32

If you are with your husband for over 40 years, enjoy his company, and don't know if that is love then what is love if not that? Is it the media that is painting an unreal picture of what love is and do you believe it?

Love after so long, is friendship, respect and mutual support and of course memories of more passionate days!

PRINTMISS Fri 13-Apr-12 08:29:56

I am no so sure about the passion!

Hwatson Mon 23-Apr-12 09:38:03

That really great as per main thing needed in establlishing longterm relationship is mutual understanding between two partners.

I don't much about it but I believe in this.