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Aims and ambitions when young

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flowerdew Fri 18-May-12 15:56:58

I was delighted at the age of15 to get a Certificate to enable me to go toTeacher Training College.My Brother 2 years my junior passed the same year to go to a Grammar School.My parent sat us both down around the dining table and I was told I could not accept the position offered to me I would have to go to work to help to keep my brother at Grammar School.I cried all night but there was nothing to be done to alter the situation. I became an Account Office Worker.I was good at figurs so of course it was O.K Later in life I became a Caterer which I did untill I retired and I must say really enjoyed But I never forgave my parents or my brother for what happened when I was 15. But now my elder Son is a Teacher and I get great pleasure in listening to his stories of his day at work.Everything comes to those who wait .I am now 77 years young and am a Grandma with 8 delightfull Grandchildren

nightowl Fri 18-May-12 21:04:52

I wanted to be a vet, and was in the top stream at grammar school. However I was not from the right background and was not encouraged by the teachers to have any such aspirations - I remember my interview with the Headteacher when I was deciding which A levels to take and her 'career' advice was: what you need to get is a nice secretarial job in the countryside where you can look at all the animals in the fields'. I didn't realise how patronising that was; I just felt she was right and I had been deluding myself. On the basis of that I chose all the wrong A levels (ie not the subjects I was good at) and struggled through 6th form. But I did go to university, the first in my family to do so, and have enjoyed my career as a Social Worker. I still look at my vet and wonder whether I would have enjoyed that life!!

goldengirl Fri 18-May-12 21:21:02

It's amazing how we are influenced by the adults in our lives. My grandmother was horrified that I wanted to work in hotels even though she'd run a successful B & B. She put pressure on my mother who in turn put pressure on me to the extent that I gave up my London course after the first year. I applied for teacher training instead and enjoyed my college life most of the time but only stuck at teaching for a couple of years before going into educational TV work which I thoroughly enjoyed although it was very pressured. I feel sad that both flowerdew and nightowl could not take up their initial choices either but I like to think that when one door slams shut another creaks open.
I wonder what influence we've had on our children - and grandchildren!

jeni Fri 18-May-12 21:21:51

I REALLY WANTED to be an archaeologist, but being a mercenary little 11 year old, decided it didn't pay enough!
Unfortunately, I think I made the right decision sad

Ariadne Fri 18-May-12 21:32:09

I never wanted to be anything but a teacher. And, eventually, I got my degree and PGCE and did it, and more, with a few hiccups on the way, but I've said all that before.

vampirequeen Fri 18-May-12 21:45:02

I wanted to be an archaeologist too but my dad said that was a pie in the sky ambition because only rich people got to be archaeologists and people like me needed to get a real job.

nanaej Fri 18-May-12 21:50:51

I thought I wanted to be a nanny and my parents were prepared to pay the fees when I got a place at Norland College to train. Then I changed my mind and decided to go into law (dad was a lawyer) and he sorted a place for me to do my articles. Then I decided I did not want to do that and did want to work with kids after all. I applied & went to Teacher Training College and did Dance /Drama as my main subject. I had a great time and enjoyed my career so third choice turned out to be the right one!

Mishap Fri 18-May-12 22:21:24

I would have liked to pursue a career in music, but my family could not afford the lessons - I took singing lessons but no instrument.

The career advice that I was given was useless really - I eventually did a social science degree and post grad qualifications as a social worker - at the time I do not think I really knew what social workers did - but I had a good career for 25 years - I hope I achieved something on behalf of my clients (that is what we called them then!) the age of 50 I jumped off the wheel and requalified and went on to work in the field of arts and music - so I sort of got there in the end!

fieldwake Fri 18-May-12 22:25:55

I wanted a hotel, as a child we stayed in lots as my parents were older and had businesses. I ended up working/living in hotels most of my working life and was jolly glad to be able to live at home on my days off. 24/7 no just a childhood fantasy not the reality. I love complete silence, darkness and solitude now.

vampirequeen it is easy to be an amateur archaeologist in many areas, there are community groups if you are still interested. It is exciting to find previously unknown iron age forts, clay pits, round houses on a morning//afternoon fieldwalk

dorsetpennt Fri 18-May-12 22:49:33

I really wanted to be a Vet but didn't get the required science subjects in A levels required . Mind you judging by the way I weep over any animal programme I don't think I would be very good.