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Time traveller's strife

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JosieGransnet (GNHQ) Thu 24-May-12 14:42:48

Our latest gust blog is from Fanny Blake. She's written about the curious way in which time speeds up as you get older, and you find yourself having breakfast "every five minutes".

Read her guest blog post Time traveller's strife and have a look at her new book Women of A Dangerous Age out now (and only £1.99 on Kindle at the moment!)

absentgrana Thu 24-May-12 14:47:23

I don't know about having breakfast every five minutes, but I do know that Christmas now comes but twice a year.

FeeTee Thu 24-May-12 15:17:17

absent grin

fieldwake Thu 24-May-12 20:46:48

I heard it said once that time is going at exactly the same speed but because we have slowed up it appears to faster.

jeni Thu 24-May-12 20:48:29


nanaej Thu 24-May-12 20:51:09


Anagram Thu 24-May-12 21:19:48

Who's slowed up?!

fieldwake Thu 24-May-12 22:52:21

Well anagram it must be me because time whizzes by. blush

Anagram Thu 24-May-12 23:22:34

I think it's because we've experienced so many things already in our lives that it's only new experiences that really register now. It's a bit like driving - when you're new to it you're alert to every little thing, then eventually you settle into automatic-pilot mode and sometimes can't remember getting from A to B!

Annobel Thu 24-May-12 23:46:16

I liked the sound of her blog, so I've ordered the latest book for my Kindle - at a very good price on Amazon.

Ariadne Fri 25-May-12 01:16:33

I did like "Women of a Dangerous Age"!

SuzieB Fri 25-May-12 13:21:16

Time does usually seem to pass ever faster - can June really be just next week? - but I've just had an operation on one of my feet and am not allowed to put any weight on it for another four weeks. Sitting on a sofa all day, with your foot up and your knitting in hand may sound blissful (and it was, at first) but time seems to be going ever slower! I wake up in the morning wondering how I am going to sit doing nothing all day, and bedtime seems like two days away! Who knew six weeks was so long?!

kittylester Fri 25-May-12 15:21:12

I remember that feeling Suzie. Before I had a hysterectomy I used to fantasise about watching daytime TV and reading all day but the reality was dreadful! Though I did get quite hooked on 'Doctors' smile

fieldwake Sat 26-May-12 09:28:07

Ah SuzieB poor u there is a saying 'time flies when u r having fun'? Just shows clocks have nothing to do with it. Trying to think how u could have fun on sofa with foot up. [hmm]

Ella46 Sat 26-May-12 09:40:07

Fieldwake it would burn some calories too!! [blush]

Annobel Sat 26-May-12 09:56:51

chrissy [grin]

I find that things I thought happened last year really happened two or three years ago. Where do all those years go?

Sewsilver Mon 28-May-12 07:31:33

Suzie B, it's so hard just sitting isn't it? Have just had five weeks of it with badly arthritic knee. Hope your foot recovers well. I'm not much of a sitter either but have found a Mindfulness book and CD which is helping me see time in a different way and making it easier to be on sofa. If you want details can let you have them but might not be your thing. Hope I can retain some of it once up and about.

I was thinking about how quickly time passes the other day when I came across this from a poem by Mary Oliver, "tell me what it is you plan to do with your one wild and precious life" it brought me up with a jolt and made me think.

gracesmum Mon 28-May-12 15:50:34

Oh dear, inspired by the blog I tried to read Women of a Dangerous Age, alas too soon after Penelope Lively and the difference between them was all too marked. Language, storyline, characterisation - PL is a master of them all and Fanny Blake has much to learn. Chick lit albeit for the middle aged woman .