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How I'm learning from my grandson

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CariGransnet (GNHQ) Thu 16-Aug-12 12:58:57

Children's author Penny Dale on the inspiration behind some of her best-selling books in out latest guest blog post

What do you most enjoy doing with your grandchildren? And have you found any new interests through them?

glammanana Thu 16-Aug-12 13:18:22

I have found new interest in local history due to the visits I have made with youngest 2DGCs there are all sorts of topic's relating to Liverpool's diverse history which I was not aware of until I started taking them to the History Museum last year.The best thing is that the enterence is free and the volunteers very knowledgeable.

soop Thu 16-Aug-12 14:23:18

Our youngest grandson is just two years and four months. Whenever we're with him we learn to take life at a leisurely pace. When out walking, our wee man makes time to inspect [and enjoy] the most common-place of objects. Every railing has to be peered through. Every fallen leaf, inspected. Wheels on cars scrutinised. Dropped crisp packets taken to the litter bin. Nose pressed against windows. Puddles stamped in. The underside of the roundabout in the playground, admired. The list is endless. 'Time to smell the roses...' grin

tanith Thu 16-Aug-12 14:48:00

We love to go swimming and she has now just started to swim on her own, we also go blackberrying at this time of year I've shown her how to wash dry and freeze them . She inspects my raspberries/tomatoes for ripeness every time she's here and we play the Wii together , so we play tennis and baseball a few times a week lol.
Now we are trying to teach her how to ride her bike so we can go for a cycle together, she figures she could carry two bags of blackberries , one on each handlebar.. I've learnt to share her with her other grandma , today she's gone to stay with her and go to legoland tomorrow. I was busy working full time when my other grandchildren were small so am making the most of this time with her before she's too old to come 'play' with Nanny.

nannymoocow Thu 16-Aug-12 15:36:51

My grandson loved to go to the library. He make a bee-line for the information books on tractors, cars, building site machinery and we spent lots of time reading through them all. He started school last year and has really progressed with his reading.

tracylitle Fri 24-Aug-12 09:53:31

Absolutely. Only someone who has habit can understand the importance and advantages of reading books and the enlightening knowledge within them.

Annobel Fri 24-Aug-12 10:01:31

Mine look like having such diverse interests that I'm looking forward to learning from them. One is studying fashion; the second girl is a bookworm, as I was; her brother is mathematically minded and a general know-all; next GS is curious about everything, a voracious reader and a clever Lego designer; the youngest is, so far, a crafty little monkey but likely to be sporty.

Greatnan Fri 24-Aug-12 10:05:02

I agree so much about reading - I have learnt so much and had so much pleasure from a lifetime of reading anything I could get my hands on.

I learnt to snorkel from my grandsons and this has introduced a great deal of interest in coral and sea life in general (three of them are divers, one has an MSc in marine biology). Now I have at least one holiday a year snorkeling on coral.

I also used to enjoy walks with my youngest grandson,who stopped to examine every stone, leaf, twig, taught me to slow down and enjoy the countryside.