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CariGransnet (GNHQ) Thu 17-Jan-13 09:18:17

Virginia Ironside is the author of this week's guest blog post On granparents - a view as an agony aunt, a mum - and a gran herself. Do add your comments below.

j07 Thu 17-Jan-13 10:51:32

Yes! I'm always telling my daughter that he'll grow out of it. smile

I'm a great believer in phases, and the going through of them.

j07 Thu 17-Jan-13 10:54:42

I love the idea of being the "European Court"! smile

j07 Thu 17-Jan-13 10:55:09

I like that blog. Very much.

Elegran Thu 17-Jan-13 11:36:50

She writes a column in the Oldie. The first one I turn to.

Ana Thu 17-Jan-13 11:41:04

'No! I don't want to join a Book Club' is one of her novels about a 60ish Gran and is very, very funny.

gillybob Thu 17-Jan-13 11:45:34

I enjoyed it too. Never thought of myself in terms of being the "third party" but yes I guess that's a good way of putting it.

cheelu Thu 17-Jan-13 14:40:04

I just think its brilliant that she is writing about something, that she knows something about...

annifrance Fri 18-Jan-13 16:45:27

I love being a grandmother. Living in Southern France it means I see them every 3 months, so I'm Special!! After a few days I become part of the furniture so time to go home. I love not being responsible for discipline, I won't let them misbehave or be rude, but when they 'kick off' I can give them a big cuddle and sort it.

Troy Mon 21-Jan-13 11:23:33

Mention is not made of great-grandparents, why not?

As childbirth is taking place later and later soon we shall either become extremely rare, or senile. Any comments?

Elegran Mon 21-Jan-13 11:42:46

There have been mentions here and there on Gransnet of being greatgrandparents, but not many. Perhaps there are not many greatgrandparents online, for one reason or another? The average age of Gransnetters is 60.

Nelliemoser Mon 21-Jan-13 12:05:13

Troy I Great grand parents really are going to be a thing of the past, which is very sad. My mum was 25 when she had my sister and 29 when she had me. My dad was 34 when I was born. They both died in 2002 at 87 and 82 a few months before my neice then 33ish had her first baby.

I was 29 and 31 when mine were born and DD was 33 with my first GC.

So many more woman are leaving having children much later than they used to 40yrs ago. It's just generally to late for many to have great grandparents left around.

My children and their cousins had a Greatgrandma until the eldest was about 10.

I cannot see this changing though.

annodomini Mon 21-Jan-13 12:41:00

My two youngest GSs have a GGM who must have been a child bride by the sound of it! As my eldest GD is now 21, I have hopes...but not too soon.

Ariadne Fri 25-Jan-13 18:41:57

I love "Grandchildren are your reward for not killing your children."

sara298 Sun 27-Jan-13 10:13:42

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MiceElf Sun 27-Jan-13 10:14:54


Mey Sun 27-Jan-13 10:57:04

I think being a Grandparent is easier than being a Parent and as such you then make a better Parent in that you have time and patience for children and no heavy burden of responsibility.