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How to value a painting

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LucyGransnet (GNHQ) Thu 19-Dec-13 11:04:19

Ever wondered whether that dusty old portrait is worth a few bob?

Here are international art dealer, Philip Hook's, top tips in spotting a gem...tempted to dash into the attic?

Cagsy Thu 19-Dec-13 12:03:03

Our loft is full of clothes and equipment that our young grandchildren have grown out of, we could open a branch of Mothercare but I don't think we need an antiques expert - sadly!

gillybob Thu 19-Dec-13 12:36:36

I love paintings and have several stashed in the loft after moving from a relatively large house to a much smaller one. I haven't bought anything new for ages as I have neither the money or the space but I tend to go for subjects that interest me personally and not necessarily anything that I think may become valuable in the future. After all if you are going to hang a painting on your wall you want to enjoy looking at it don't you?

Sook Thu 19-Dec-13 16:13:18

My watercolour collection reflects my passion for Greyhounds, the Liverpool waterfront and the village where I now live, hardly investments but I enjoy looking at them.

I would love to come across a Pre- Raphaelite painting at a carboot sale, who knows? One day soon perhaps? Dream on sook

Tegan Thu 19-Dec-13 17:02:03

I wanted to buy a sketch by Helen Bradley when my ex was at Salford University, but he said we couldn't afford it [it wasn't all that expensive] sad. Not sure how much her work is worth now. And a small oil painting of a Derby winner that was at our local antique shop; I certainly could've afforded that one but decided against it [at least it was post George Stubbs era!]. A friend of mine does very well by buying job lots of toys and finding things that are worth a lot of money [usually old dolls; some collectors of them are quite obsessive].