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When you realise your problem is small

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annep Sat 21-Jul-18 23:21:26

This isn't a discussion. I just wanted to tell it. Yesterday I was in our local Sainsburys looking for a lightweight coffee mug as my arthritis is such that I find it difficult to hold a regular mug in either hand, and feeling really sorry for "poor me" with my pains.
As I walked back to the car lamenting that I hadn't found one I noticed a lady around fifty years old pushing a loaded trolley back to her car. She was wearing shorts and both legs were amputated at the knee and she was walking on artificial limbs. Well I had to sit in the car for a few minutes before I could drive. And I counted my blessings. Pain holding a coffee mug didn't seem such a huge problem.

Jane10 Sun 22-Jul-18 06:22:26

Indeed not. Hope you found a suitable mug though.

NfkDumpling Sun 22-Jul-18 07:11:58

I still find it incredible that I’m still here!

Niobe Sun 22-Jul-18 08:16:04

Reminds me of the quote from Helen Keller -" I cried because I had no shoes until I met the man who had no feet."
When I can't eat a sugary cake because I have T2 diabetes I remember the friends who have already died because they had cancer.

M0nica Sun 22-Jul-18 08:24:09

After my sister died in a road accident, I set up a scale of 1 to 10, in which her death came in at 9 (DH, DC and DGC hit 10) and I have been amazed just how much that has put life's problems in proportion.

Sparklefizz Sun 22-Jul-18 09:17:19

annep I have arthritis in my fingers, worst in thumbs, and the homeopathic cream Rhus Tox & Ruta by Helios is brilliant. I rub it into my fingers every night and almost all the pain goes. If I have any pain popping up during the day, I use a bit more cream. I can grip things normally while using this, but if I run out and miss a few nights, I suffer.

annep Sun 22-Jul-18 09:24:59

Yes, sometimes you need to get things in perspective. And thanks Sparklefizz.

Charleygirl Sun 22-Jul-18 09:45:19

Sparklefizz where can one buy it?

DanniRae Sun 22-Jul-18 11:19:14

Thanks for the thread annep - it's good to be reminded now and again about how fortunate we are, eh?

annep Sun 22-Jul-18 11:31:15

Indeed DanniRae.nice of you to say.?

Sparklefizz Sun 22-Jul-18 19:36:34

annep and Charleygirl
The Rhus Tox & Ruta Cream I use for arthritis in my fingers and thumbs is available here:

annep Sun 22-Jul-18 21:16:17

Thanks Sparklefizz very kind of you. will definitely try it.

farview Mon 23-Jul-18 21:55:23

annep understand how you felt... perspective!! re lightweight mugs..home bargains do really pretty enamel ones..very light!!

Jalima1108 Mon 23-Jul-18 22:37:21

Thank you annep

It does put everything into perspective.

annep Mon 23-Jul-18 23:16:45

farview thank you. will look in HB.

KatyK Wed 25-Jul-18 10:29:41

I am guilty of feeling very sorry for myself and am a bit of a miserable so and so. Sometimes when I am out and about and I see someone with terrible problems, it pulls me up and I give myself a good talking to.

Richa94 Fri 24-Aug-18 07:26:45

Yes Annep, sometimes in life we came across such type of situations which makes us realize how lucky enough we are and feel saddened for that person who is going through such a difficult phase or situation.

OldMeg Fri 24-Aug-18 07:52:04

annep makes to think doesn’t it?

OldMeg Fri 24-Aug-18 07:52:24 to!

Niobe Fri 24-Aug-18 08:43:53

Re the lightweight mugs, try a camping shop for the lightest mugs.

annep Fri 24-Aug-18 09:17:14

Thank you niobe. Am using lightweight travel mug atm and still looking. Monica apologies for ignoring your comment.So sorry about your sister.

M0nica Fri 24-Aug-18 12:18:54

annep, thank you.