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The Little Old Lady who Broke all the Rules - add your questions

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ffinnochio Thu 26-Dec-13 13:22:54

Thank you for my copy of this book GNHQ! I received it in this morning's post (the French don't observe Boxing Day). I was very taken with the title, which is why I entered for the Book Giveaway. I'll review it anon.
A lovely surprise gift, which had me wondering for a moment just who might have sent it.......until I remembered! smile

annodomini Thu 26-Dec-13 14:09:36

And from me. It arrived just before I left on Saturday and there wasn't a spare space in my luggage.

Humbertbear Thu 26-Dec-13 15:07:45

Thank you for my copy. I am sure it is going to be much borrowed. We are going out tomorrow and I will read it on the train.

MrsJamJam Thu 26-Dec-13 15:14:53

My copy arrived on Monday. Lovely early christmas present and as soon as all the family have returned to home and work I shall settle down to good long reading afternoons. The best reason for winter!

DH has already looked at the blurb and entered his name on the list to read it next.

Nelliemoser Thu 26-Dec-13 16:19:40

Me too! As I posted on the "won anything" thread. I had thought I had missed that one. I have ordered a copy for my Co-inlaw. It sounds fun.

Galen Thu 26-Dec-13 17:18:05

I'm going to start it tomorrow.

numberplease Thu 26-Dec-13 17:46:47

Starting mine as soon as I finish Death Comes to Pemberley.

Grandmanorm Thu 26-Dec-13 21:34:00

Thank you for my copy. I found it a bit disturbing although I am only a third of the way through.
I suppose at 72 years of age I am wondering what might happen to me!!!!!

mollie Thu 26-Dec-13 21:46:03

Mine arrived on Monday, I've read a few chapters and am not sure what I think yet... maybe something is lost in translation. Time will tell... but thank you for the book, it's much appreciated.

numberplease Thu 26-Dec-13 23:24:06

Have only read a few pages so far, but still waiting for the funny bits.

Ariadne Fri 27-Dec-13 06:49:49

Waiting for me at home! Haven't had time to look at it yet. But thank you.

jinglbellrocks Fri 27-Dec-13 08:48:28

If anyone has a kindle, you can get it for 99p from Amazon at the moment.

Stansgran Fri 27-Dec-13 09:45:25

Thank you for this book. I love these Scandinavian writers. And talking of translations Penguin are publishing Maigret from the first one Simenon wrote right up ,I believe, no 74 . One a month for Maigret fans.

NannaAnna Fri 27-Dec-13 17:42:03

I've received mine too, but not had a chance to start it yet!

coastwallker Fri 27-Dec-13 21:17:57

It will be my next read but with Christmas ongoing in our house, I don't think I will have time for it for a few days. Luckily I read very quickly.

Flowerofthewest Fri 27-Dec-13 21:36:57

Half way through it an thoroughly enjoyable,a great yarn

glassortwo Fri 27-Dec-13 21:55:43

Thank you GNHQ I received my copy today.

numberplease Sun 29-Dec-13 16:04:30

Well, I finished the book, it wasn`t a bad story, just not the humerous thing I was expecting.

Maggiemaybe Tue 31-Dec-13 09:58:09

Oh dear, I always feel so ungrateful when I don't like the book I've won, but like mollie I'm wondering if something was lost in translation. Or perhaps just a matter of taste - we can't all enjoy the same things.

I did like the look of the book previewed at the end of it though - The Extra Ordinary Life of Frank Derrick, Age 81 (by J B Morrison). Those few pages really tickled me.

Humbertbear Tue 31-Dec-13 12:24:26

I'm afraid I gave up halfway through, although it did help pass a train journey. It seemed rather inconsequential and I wondered if it was coat-tailing on The 100 year old Man Who Climbed Out of a Window? Like Maggiemaybe I wondered about the translation. Sorry to be ungrateful!

oznan Tue 31-Dec-13 17:24:05

Thank you for the book Gransnet.I cannot agree with the "lost in translation" comments,as I found the book funny and engaging.The 5 main characters were the type of people you might meet anywhere in the world,elderly and not about to lie down and accept society's poor treatment of them!I think the story draws attention to that problem in a really humorous way with their rebellion led by Martha.Anna-Greta,Rake,Brains and Christina are such different people but unite with Martha to have fun and adventures.
I love the way they become more and more daring and yet their "loot" is always used to improve others lives.The ending is great,leaving the reader wondering what they will get up to in their new life.
Some of the scenes are so funny that I think it would make a great film.
Whether you like this book or not is,I think,a matter of different senses of humour rather than the original language or setting.

glammanana Tue 31-Dec-13 21:15:30

I intend to start reading my copy this week-end I am really the slowest reader amongst us I think as soon as I read 3/4 pages my eye lids sort of close.tchhmm

glassortwo Sat 04-Jan-14 07:49:11

It is the Kindle daily deal for only 99p today, if anyone wanted to buy it.

ffinnochio Sat 04-Jan-14 07:56:18

I'm sorry to say this book isn't doing it for me. I'm taking it to our local English library, 2/3rds unread.

glassortwo Sat 04-Jan-14 08:00:49

I havent started mine yet hmm its still in my pile to read.