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Mouse Mon 16-May-11 12:28:29

Stephenie Meyer is best know for The Twilight Saga but don't let that put you off reading The Host. A science fiction/fantasy novel with an appeal far outside its genre, this is a sensitively written, thought provoking novel that actually brought tears to my eyes at times. I've lent this to a few people who wouldn't normally chose to read this kind of fiction and (except for one person) they have enjoyed it as much as me.

A slow burner that gradually draws you in until you can't put it down. Well worth a read in my opinion.

clementine Mon 16-May-11 14:03:13

Thanks very much for that recommendation Mouse, I dont real Sci Fi at all but this sounds a bit different and worth my first try!! Thanks again.

Kennet Tue 17-May-11 16:27:09

Sci Fi just isn't my thing as far as books are concerned. Nor am I exactly enchanted by the amount of it we get on T.V. these days. Can anyone tell me why it has suddenly become so popular? Is it because of Harry Potter? Do many Grandmums read Harry Potter? I'm curious.

mollie Tue 17-May-11 16:35:14

Is Harry Potter sci-fi? I think of it as fantasy ... and yes, I have read most of the early books but not seen the films...wanted to know what the fuss was about and did enjoy the books!

I've been curious about the Twilight Saga but never got round to reading any of the stories but will take a look at The Host. Thanks Mouse, always happy to try something new...

Mouse Tue 17-May-11 17:03:11

I admit to being a sci fi and fantasy addict, though my reading covers most genres except maybe 'chic lit' - although it sneaks in now and again. Thoroughly enjoyed the Harry Potter series, good escapist nonsense to lighten a long day. I enjoy sci fi because if often deals with social or even philosophical issues in a way that enables you to 'see things differently'.

nanaberyl Sun 29-May-11 17:14:15

I loved Harry Potter but my all time favourite is all of John Wyndhams books.They are simply good stories with an imagantive what if about them