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I love my Kindle

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ninnynanny Sun 10-Jul-11 08:14:00

Received my Kindle from Amazon on friday and can't praise it enough, its like having your own personal library at home, thousands and thousands of books to choose from, lots 99p or under. They list the top 100 free books to download and also the top 100 top selling books all with readers recommendations. You can even log on to the internet for free. Reading Cold Kill at the moment their top selling book 99p really good.

susiecb Sun 10-Jul-11 09:26:03

I'm glad your enjoying the Kindle. I bought my husband the Sony Bookreader two Xmas ago and he was unimpressed and left it in a drawer for a year until one day I had a go at him. As he is an avid book reader and loves a gadget i had thought it an ideal present but he likes to buy techno items himself after hours of exhaustive research!!!! Now a year on he cant be parted from it. its wonderful for taking out with you esp for holidays so you dont have to lug half the library with you.

silversurfergran Sun 10-Jul-11 12:06:01

A friend has been trying to get me to buy one as I take so many books on holiday its like half the case! Even though I dump them as I go (all charity shop trawl jobs) its still a load of weight to carry around. I am not too technical so was worried about downloading etc but is it easy?

ninnynanny Sun 10-Jul-11 12:48:25

hi silversurfergran its really easy, you need Amazon account which you will have when you purchase your kindle, you just go to the menu on your kindle and select kindle store, pick your book then press buy and its downloaded in seconds, you can also download first chapter and read before deciding to purchase you don't have to make your mind up about a book you can store them in your library (all done automatically) its simple. If you go onto Amazon and enter kindle you can read all the reviews about the kindle and books, they have a Jully sale on now. I'm really pleased with mine, I used to take about a dozen books with me on holiday also.

Grandmacool Sun 10-Jul-11 14:18:19

Hello ninnynanny,

I have also been thinking of buying one, I got money for my birthday last month and am still not sure if I should or not.
Which one do you recommend, the normal one or the 3G one?

GoldenGran Sun 10-Jul-11 16:02:56

silversurfergrn, it is great, you'll love it,it's so easy to take it around, and I find I still go into bookshops. Go buy!smile

Aurelia Sun 10-Jul-11 17:01:09

I think my Kindle is absolutely amazing. I've had it for about three weeks, and I really like the way there is no complicated set up, and it downloads independent of any other interface. I've got the 3G version as I travel quite a bit.
Downloads are so easy, and only take a few moments. Many classics are free or just a few pence; eg 69 pence for David Copperfield, cheaper than at a charity shop and not dogeared and you know that it has not been read by a previous owner while they were in the WC!!!
I also like the various ways you can organize your books, altogether a wonderful gizmo.


athpd Sun 10-Jul-11 18:03:45

I had a Kindle bought as a birthday present by my children recently. I'm on my 3rd book and love it! Did something wrong downloading a sale item though. Somehow I have the book on my laptop desktop but cannot send it to my Kindle. I will be asking for family help!!!

jogginggirl Sun 10-Jul-11 18:06:15

Yes, I agree with all of you, I love my Kindle. I thought I would miss 'real' books but I still have a bookcase full of those too. I agree that the Kindle is great for taking on holiday - no more excess baggage weight with all those books. My only problem is that I read at night and often fall asleep with the Kindle - not a good idea as we have a wooden floor and I have had to put the K back together once or twice - oops!!

Libradi Sun 10-Jul-11 21:47:08

It's brilliant isn't it. I've had mine since October, a birthday present from the family and have never read so much. Would hate to be without mine now. I don't have the 3G model but it would be handy to dowload books when travelling. Would recommend the leather cover with light, expensive but really protects the kindle and I use the light all the time.

athpd, not sure why your book didn't download to your kindle but if you plug your kindle into your computer all you need to do is copy and paste or drag the book into your kindle. (Kindle will be in 'My Computer') .

Divawithattitude Mon 11-Jul-11 07:35:13

My son is an avid reader and is on his year abroad from Uni, his girlfriend's family brought him one for his 21st birthday and he says it has saved his life!

I was sceptical bu find it very easy to manage, may een get one myself for holidays

janthea Mon 11-Jul-11 09:36:59

I don't have a Kindle, but I have an iPad which has a Kindle app on it. I haven't used it yet, but after reading all the posts, I think I may give it a go. I do enjoy the feel of a 'proper' book. I did offer to buy one for my daughter who is an avid reader, but she said she wouldn't use it and preferred books!

ninnynanny Mon 11-Jul-11 11:53:51

Hi Grandmacool I have the 3G version because hoping to go abroad more now that I have retired, so hoping to download when on holiday and also go on the internet abroad which you can for free with the 3G version to look at email etc. Also have the leather cover which I would also recommend. It seems a lot to pay out for the kindle at first, and when my husband said he was going to get me one because of all the books I always take with me when we go away I poo pooed it but really happy with it now.

silversurfergran Mon 11-Jul-11 14:07:37

Thanks everyone for the reassurance - think I'll put it on my pressie list!

Grumpyoldwoman Mon 11-Jul-11 19:47:34

My husband was an avid reader and I spent a fortune on the latest novels. Then due to his muscle wasting condition he started having problems with his eyes and could not read a book. I bought him a kindle and due to being able to change the font size he can now read again without having to hold the weight of a book in his weakened hands. Win win all round....and saves me having to look for books for him !!!

58lyndy Mon 11-Jul-11 20:15:59

It was March when I got the 3G one - I love it and the cover and night light and yes it is quite a layout of cash initially but worth every penny. Still have loads of books - read and unread - but don't buy them now! although I can't stop myself browsing and still love holding a book!

Judian Tue 12-Jul-11 15:28:33

I too have recently joined the happy band of Kindle owners. What has thrilled me most was to find that I could buy talking books from the Amazon sister shop (buy in the Amazon shop). They download direct into your Kindle too, and they are the books as you would buy them or find them in the library, read by real actors and readers. So much better than using Kindle's Read to Me function for 'printed' books, which has a flat, badly punctuated mechanical voice. I have been having trouble with my eyes recently, and find text hard to read, even when I enlarge the font size.

grannysanny Tue 12-Jul-11 16:42:25

I love books and my partner got a Kindle which he let me try....I did like it but a friend told me about an ebook reader that I got on Ebay for half the price of a Kindle. You can also download videos,music and photos onto mine and it has an inbuilt light,granted the battery may not last as long as the Kindle but I wouldn't be without mine. The font can also be enlarged and you can listed to audio books and music whilst

gamzatti Fri 22-Jul-11 15:31:53

Hello - my first day here, but I really want to tell you that the Kindle is wonderful for anyone with an eye condition that makes reading normal print difficult.

I have age related macular degeneration and have been having Lucentis injections for 3 years. I have not been able to read a novel for over 2 years, as even the large print library books were too much of a strain on my eyes.

I really missed reading, as it has been my favourite leisure activity since I was a child. However, I bought a Kindle 3 weeks ago and I am now nearly at the end of my third novel!

I use the second to largest font size and landscape mode. It's been lovely, being able to sit outside and read, also on train journeys to visit grandchildren.

I bought the 3G version and was especially thrilled to find that 3 books I bought the day before it was delivered were on the Kindle when it arrived! I've downloaded some free classics I want to re-read, also a few modern novels, none more than £4.99 as well as some modern books either free or 49/99p.

The Kindle was quite a big purchase for me - not a Big Spender normally, but I am really enjoying using it - for me - well worth it.

ElseG Fri 22-Jul-11 17:01:56

I can't speak too highly abou my Kindle. Before it came into my life I had a Sony E Reader which was too complicated for my addled brain. I have the 3G version but hadn't realised you could use it to get emails abroad, that is quite something.

We have a motorhome and taking my Kindle rather than books leaves me so much more packing space smile

athpd have you checked in your Kindle Archive? I find that books occasionally sneak in there.

lillian Wed 27-Jul-11 17:16:28

ebooks and kindle are fantastic, but i still love and enjoy my personal time browsing at the books in the local library,smiling at people i meet and the sheer joy of going home witha few books with interesting covers to titalate my imagination, and the feel of the paper,makes it all the more personal.for travelling and easiness to carry,especially on flights kindle and ebooks are wonderful...Lillian.

Annobel Wed 27-Jul-11 17:48:19

On Money Saving Expert I found that Amazon had refurbished Kindles for sale for a good deal less than the new price. I ordered one which unfortunately wouldn't pick up my wi-fi. After an exhaustive conversation with a techie at Amazon, it was concluded that it really wasn't working and they sent me a new one which came by express delivery and I took it away with me for the weekend. It is excellent. It is so easy to read and you never lose your place. I've now downloaded a lot of books to take on holiday with me. Kindle is an ideal travelling companion.

grannystrong Thu 28-Jul-11 12:20:59

Sorry, but I'm going to disagree.Yes, it's useful for travelling and for reading long heavy books, but I really don't enjoy reading on it in the same way as a book.

Annobel Thu 28-Jul-11 22:51:41

I don't disagree, Grannystrong. I still like to hold a book and flick the pages over. But there's certainly a place for the Kindle in my life. It's a great disadvantage not being able to share books with other people. I have always swopped books with one of my DiLs who shares my tastes. Kindle, unless there's something I don't know about, makes this impossible.

Libradi Fri 29-Jul-11 13:37:28

Annobel I believe sharing books on the Kindle will be a possibility for us at some point. In the US they are already doing it. I think they can 'lend' books to friends for about 2 weeks and only able to lend them a certain amount of times. I don't know when we will have this facility over here, I suppose when enough people have Kindles.