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jangly Sat 03-Sep-11 22:19:31

Book of the month is a bit girly.

What about the boys?

Can't see my grandsons reading a book about a Madame Pamplemousse really. Especially with such a flowery looking cover!

Annobel Tue 15-Nov-11 13:22:40

I have just bought 'Cats Ahoy' for a four-year-old GS who likes pirates and cats. It was recommended on BBC Breakfast a week ago as was 'The Brilliant Life of Tom Gates' which I have bought for nine-year-old GD. The one I'm stuck on is the six-year-old GS. Any suggestions?

glassortwo Tue 15-Nov-11 13:37:25

I received a copy of Madame Pamplemousse from GN and my 5 yr old GS has had it for his bedtime story, he listened and seemed to enjoy the book but dont think it would have been his choice. He didnt object to the pink flowery cover, I think his 3yrd sister will get more enjoyment from it when she comes to read it.

jangle grin dont judge a book by its cover grin grin

jingle Tue 15-Nov-11 13:58:23

Annobel, DGS age6 was in the charity shop with me at the weekend. I tried so hard to get him to have a Dick King Smith book. But no, it was an old Superman annual or nothing! shock He got the annual of course.

jingle Tue 15-Nov-11 14:01:11

Oh! Just looked at that Tom Gates one on Amazon. Sounds really good. Think both of mine would like that, the 10 and the 6.

jingle Tue 15-Nov-11 14:02:13

See now, Glass - they out to choose dual purpose ones like that. grin

glassortwo Tue 15-Nov-11 14:12:28

jangly* wink I think I will go and have a look at them now, your right maybe should be something that would do for both. My favourite when I was little was the Mr Galliano Circus series by Enid Blyton, I could have cried when I realised that I had finished the last in the series, but cant remember what I went onto. I have read them to Gs and relived them over again.

jingle Tue 15-Nov-11 14:20:30

OMG. It's very easy to order books on Amazon with the one click thing, isn't it? blush grin

glassortwo Tue 15-Nov-11 14:27:52

Its dangerous, costs me a fortune every time I go on!

Annobel Tue 06-Dec-11 13:45:11

"See Inside Castles" (Usborne) has just arrived and before wrapping it up for 6-year-old, I've had a good look through it. I think he will be fascinated. Most of it he will be able to read for himself and he will be intrigued by the lift-up flaps - I am.