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What genre of books do you like best?

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FeeTee Wed 30-May-12 16:52:44

Lunch with a friend today and this is what we were chatting about. She is massively into crime novels. I prefer gentler fiction or biography. Oh and cook books!! How about you?

gangy5 Wed 30-May-12 17:08:50

Ideally I like biograhpical/travel/humour all in one if possible. Here are a few that I have enjoyed:-

Narrow Dog to Carcassonne
A Short History of Tractors in Ukraine
A Piano in the Pyrenees
Round Ireland with a Fridge

I would be grateful for any recommendations!!

soop Wed 30-May-12 17:15:15

gangy5...I adore Bill Bryson's books.

gangy5 Wed 30-May-12 17:19:26

Thanks soop I did start on his first one a long time ago and didn't get on too well. I will try him again.

Jacey Wed 30-May-12 17:23:13

I also like crime/thriller/mystery ...and I don't mind whether they are historically based, science-fiction based ...or set in another country ...such as the huge range of scandinavian writers that have know been translated into English. smile
However, I'm not that keen on many of the american writers who think a story has to have explicit sexual encounters shock...they slow the story downgrin

Annobel Wed 30-May-12 17:25:56

A book I've enjoyed that fits some of your criteria, gangy5, is The Kashmir Shawl, by Rosie Thomas. Great descriptions of Kashmir and Northern India and a very absorbing story as well.
My favourite travel book is A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush by Eric Newby. Love his other books too.

glammanana Wed 30-May-12 18:13:29

My favourite apart from cookery books are by John Grisham and Ken Follett the best being Pillars of the Earth which I have read twice,I like local historical novels or anything similar as I can be transported back in time and get lost in my

Annika Wed 30-May-12 18:25:35

I also love Round Ireland with a fridge and any Bill Bryson travel books smile
The Michael Crawford biography, Parcel Arrived Safely: Tied with String is a good read !
I don't tend to like horror books shock I'm a bit of a scary cat

nanaej Wed 30-May-12 19:10:51

Easier for me to say what I do *not enjoy*: Spy thrilllers, apocolypse type stories (The Road etc), space/alien/ sci fi, bonk busters.

I have enjoyed and recommend these 'generational' novels: Map of Love, Mornings in Jenin, God of Small Things etc

Last book I read was Jeanette Winterson's Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal which I thought was excellent.

whenim64 Wed 30-May-12 19:30:12

I love crime fiction, especial if there's a forensic psychologist profiling a serial killer with lots of red herrings and clever twists. Don't need sexual violence or torture - I just like a good plot and a nail-biting ending!

ninathenana Wed 30-May-12 19:40:10

I'm a total light weight compared with posters so far. I love chick lit!

I'm a fan of Nora Roberts, her books do have a bit more substance, but still with a love interest

Mamie Wed 30-May-12 19:41:46

Oh yes, Annobel, I love Eric Newby too, we saw him once cutting his grass in Dorset!
I am re-reading Frances Partridge's diaries at the moment. Despite being irritated by Bloombury, I find then compulsive reading.
I love crime novels, biography, diaries and travel.

Annobel Wed 30-May-12 19:47:31

Some great fiction is coming from the Indian sub-continent. I enjoyed Sea of Poppies and The Glass Palace by Amitav Ghosh and have just downloaded River of Smoke (sequel to Sea of Poppies) to my Kindle. WhiteTiger by Aravind Adiga was a great read as well. The daddy of them all, in my opinion, was Midnight's Children by Salman Rushdie.
I'm also a big fan of detective fiction and have got into Scandinavian authors like Jo Nesbo. Sci Fi, especially Iain M Banks.
In fact, I'll read almost anything but horror! Oh and political autobiography - mostly name-dropping!

numberplease Wed 30-May-12 22:00:02

Simple, I love crime, crime and more crime!

Anne58 Wed 30-May-12 22:36:37

Anyone tried or is a fan of Jeffery Deaver?

numberplease Thu 31-May-12 15:23:41

Love him Phoenix, especially the Lincoln Rhyme books.

nanaej Thu 31-May-12 15:32:12

Am a sucker for chic lit too! A mixed diet is healthiest! Also have problem remembering authors /titles and often start a book only to discover at chapter four that I have already read it!

Anne58 Thu 31-May-12 15:43:03

numberplease he does write a good tale, doesn't he? Although I cannot watch the films of the books, because Rhymes and Sachs are totally miscast!

whenim64 Thu 31-May-12 15:54:58

Yes, Jeffrey Deaver - the master of the twist in the end of the tale. Love his books!

Bellesnan Thu 31-May-12 16:43:49

Love all three of Victoria Hislop's books - history with stories wound into them. Just read a cracking book 'Before I go to Sleep' a first novel by SJ Watson - could not put it down.

numberplease Thu 31-May-12 17:27:49

Phoenix, I`ve only seen one film of a Jeffrey Deaver book, The Bone Collector, and loved it, but even though race isn`t actually specified in the books, in my mind Lincoln Rhyme will always look like Denzil Washington, which, all in all, isn`t at all a bad way to look!

goose1964 Fri 01-Jun-12 10:31:09

anything & everything - I'm such an eclectic reader. I love fantasy most - I think but it's a close call

Anne58 Fri 01-Jun-12 20:43:54

Noooooo! numberplease he looks like the chap that used to play Grissom in thingy, you know, and Lincoln Rhyme is definitely not of African American origin! (Although I do love Denzil Washington!)

Out of interest, did you see the film before you read any of the books, or the other way round?

numberplease Fri 01-Jun-12 22:38:14

The Bone Collector was the first Lincoln Rhyme book that I read, I saw the film a couple of years later.
Have you read any of Lee Child`s Jack Reacher books? Oh, how much am I in love with Jack Reacher!

chitchat Sat 02-Jun-12 20:11:01

I luv Lee Child's Jack Reacher. Also enjoy Reginald Hill,Ian Rankin,Jo Nesbo, Mark Billingham, Stuart McBride and load's more. I just adore books and my kindle.