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The Thread by Victoria Hislop

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7xgran Sun 24-Jun-12 11:54:50

Thank you so much for the copy of the book. I started to read it as soon as it arrived and was instantly hooked. I love novels which entwine true history with fictional characters. In a very enjoyable way they teach us the history that so many of us do not know. The Thread succeeded in this in a big way.I would love to know what started Victoria's obvious love and interest in the country of Greece. I have read The Island, which I thoroughly enjoyed so I will now have to read The Return and then I will be ready for your next novel Victoria. I love your style of writing so please carry on the good work.

chitchat Sun 24-Jun-12 15:20:23

I would alao like to thank you for the copy of The Thread. Have only just started it and find it very interesting, looking forward to my nightly read. Once again Thank you.

Gilly70 Sun 24-Jun-12 15:48:01

Have just bought my copy today and look forward to reading it very soon.