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Is anyone else reading less demanding books?

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Deedaa Mon 22-Oct-12 22:32:16

Am I alone in rarely reading the sort of intellectually demanding "literature" that I ploughed through in my youth? Huxley, Kafka, Camus, Dostoevsky and reams of feminist writing from most of the Virago collection to deeply depressing collections of poetry published in very small editions. I suspect that as we get older we find that life throws enough awful stuff at us without reading about other peoples' troubles. Most of the time I would just rather be entertained.

numberplease Fri 26-Oct-12 21:28:08

I did read an interview with him a while back, in which he said that because of the time factor in his books, there was probably only one more Shardlake book left to be written.

Deedaa Sat 27-Oct-12 20:19:39

I should think he could probably do one covering the death of Henry and then perhaps another with Edward on the throne. There should be plenty of scope with the political shenanigans going on at the time.

annodomini Sun 28-Oct-12 23:10:54

I've just finished 'An Officer and a Gentlewoman' by Héloise Goodley, about her experiences when she swopped a job in a city bank for the life of an officer cadet at Sandurst. Quite an eye-opener and it makes you wonder how anyone ever survives to be a commissioned officer! Not what I would normally read, but interesting and quite entertaining - it was a Kindle daily deal one day last week.

annodomini Sun 28-Oct-12 23:12:23

Deeda, there's plenty going on during that historical period, but Shardlake was getting a bit worn out in the last book!

flowerfriend Mon 29-Oct-12 08:52:07

I read drivel - devoured the three Fifty Shades of Grey books - but I also read Dickens, who in his day was thought to be light reading and many of his stories were published serial form in magazines. Penny Vincenzi is a good easier read.

A mixture of levels suits me and possibly many of us.

Smoluski Fri 02-Nov-12 10:11:15

I would love to be able to read all the worthy works and novels...I have tried and given up..I read for security,comfort,pleasure and pure escapism,have chosen three books from the library this week for comfort reading..cos that how I was rolling this week,after a spell in the choices are;
Casper the commuting cat
Pets on parade...about a vets practice...just to stop you guessing otherwise
Bundles of joy....obviously tales of a midwife

I have started with Casper...and put him down to talk to you lot grin xxxxx

annodomini Fri 02-Nov-12 10:59:15

I have read so many so-called 'worthy' books in my time, and had to teach them too, that I now read just what pleases me, be it thriller, chick lit or, something more serious. If it doesn't I just give up and send it to the charity shop or relegate it to Kindle graveyard.

Maniac Fri 02-Nov-12 17:27:11

I like a Mary Higgins Clark suspense/mystery occasionally -especially on holiday.
Just looked up her biography .Born 1927 widowed at 37 wrote to support family- later went back to college.Married again at 69. Quite a woman!

Hunt Wed 07-Nov-12 23:13:10

Marelli, did you ever get to read any of Carolla Dunne's books?