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The Girl You Left Behind by Jojo Moyes.

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Elegran Wed 31-Oct-12 14:47:13

Good to know. Now I am not sure whther the form I filled in went off or not, as I left it to ask the question ......

GeraldineGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 31-Oct-12 13:53:57

It is, Elegran. We only have the facility to send out paperback, I'm afraid.

Elegran Wed 31-Oct-12 12:46:52

Oh, I see now, both versions are on amazon, but you get the paper back one by post in this offer. Is that right?

Mishap Wed 31-Oct-12 12:46:27


Elegran Wed 31-Oct-12 12:45:13

How do you say on the form whether you want the paperback or the Kindle version?

jeni Wed 31-Oct-12 12:23:18

Have don't already [smug]smile

GeraldineGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 31-Oct-12 12:11:43

Yes, sorry, should have made it clear - you do have to fill in the form on the page linked above.

Oh all right, and again here

Ana Wed 31-Oct-12 11:54:35

You have the fill in the form....

Jodi Wed 31-Oct-12 11:41:01

Already read this. Another winner from Jojo Moyes.

jeni Wed 31-Oct-12 11:40:05

One for me please!

Anne58 Wed 31-Oct-12 11:39:04

Please may I have one?

GeraldineGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 31-Oct-12 11:08:29

Our November book club novel is The Girl You Left Behind by Jojo Moyes. We have 200 copies to give away to the first gransnetters who apply.

Do ask a question - Jojo will be coming in on Tuesday 11 December between 1 and 2pm for a live webchat.