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Bags Wed 21-Nov-12 10:15:18

Swiped this info off Mumsnet Tweeple (though, actually, I knew already): ALL the bear hunters in the kiddy book are children; the big one isn't the dad.

Who else knew?

Bags Wed 21-Nov-12 10:15:50

The Helen Oxenbury Book, I mean.

jO5 Wed 21-Nov-12 10:17:29

Why does that sound ominous?

Probably because I know fuck-all about the book.

grannyactivist Wed 21-Nov-12 10:29:04

Oh my gosh! Is grass still green?
Bear Hunt is a treasured favourite - don't know if I can cope with the mind shift. confused

gracesmum Wed 21-Nov-12 10:30:40

Don't we all know it off by heart the way we all know the Hungry Caterpillar? Always assumed the big ones were Mum and Dad. Remember walking DGS1 round and round to try to get DGS2 off to sleep in the buggy both of us chanting Bear Hunt all the way (he also knows it off by heart) The residents of Moseley must have thought we were escapees from the local Funny Farm!

jO5 Wed 21-Nov-12 10:47:20

Had a look on Amazon. Never "did" that book but get the gist of it.

Still don't know what you mean. You gonna elucidate? smile

Or am I being thick?! (don't!)

Bags Wed 21-Nov-12 10:59:33

Smiling, jings, but sayin' nowt! grin

grannyactivist Wed 21-Nov-12 11:02:33

jingle the 'family' in the book look like a dad and his children. The illustrator however has revealed that the illustrations are of an older 'brother' and his younger siblings, and not, as so many of us assumed a father. smile

jO5 Wed 21-Nov-12 11:06:01

Well, that's a bit boring.

Surprised Mumsnetters bothered with that.

jO5 Wed 21-Nov-12 11:10:39

Oh yes. Found it.

Wow! hmm

jO5 Wed 21-Nov-12 11:11:05

Perhaps you need to be a young mum to get excited about this.

jO5 Wed 21-Nov-12 11:11:41

I don't think it will trend. smile

annodomini Wed 21-Nov-12 11:28:53

Bear Hunt is fantastic for toddlers. My two youngest GSs had a CD of it in the car an knew it off by heart.

crimson Wed 21-Nov-12 18:15:39

I always felt the whole point of it was to show young children that no matter what was happening to them they were safe with their dad looking after them. Surely the one who looked like 'dad' should have been made to look much younger?