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Audiobooks Recommendations Please! 📚

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FannyCornforth Fri 22-Oct-21 11:18:11


I’ve just checked, and there isn’t a recent thread about this.

I won’t say at this juncture which audiobooks I usually enjoy, as this thread is for everyone who likes audiobooks.

Please give a few words about the narrator too, as they are so important, aren’t they.

Thank you, I look forward to reading your replies smilethanksbrew

NotAGran55 Fri 22-Oct-21 12:49:35

I’ve just finished Miriam Margolyes’ memoir and loved it .
Narrated beautifully by herself .

2020convert Fri 22-Oct-21 13:04:09

I love audio books as I don’t sleep well and live alone so it doesn’t disturb anyone.
I get them free from my county library.
I love any psychological thrillers, but enjoy other genre too.
I do like those read by the author.
Second a decent actor.

Shandy57 Fri 22-Oct-21 13:10:07

I listen to Radio 4 in the car, and recommend an audiobook called 'Gudrun', you can find it here

FannyCornforth Fri 22-Oct-21 13:14:09

Thank you both.
2020convert, that’s interesting, I tend to rule out most books which are read by the author.
I’m currently listening to an Agatha Christie read by Richard E Grant (comfort listening).
I’ll definitely be looking for more books read (or ‘performed’ as Grant said) by him.
NotAGran I’m ambivalent about MM, but I like that British 60’s circle that she mixed with, and she has a gorgeous voice (I’ve just remembered that she was the Cadbury Caramel rabbit!)
So I will give that a go…

FannyCornforth Fri 22-Oct-21 13:15:40

Shandy thank you, that looks very unusual

Newquay Fri 22-Oct-21 18:44:19

Mm interesting thread.
I’m an insomniac and use a headband with little speakers in so I can listen to the radio on and off all night without disturbing DH.
I do get stuck about what to listen to so tend to keep rerunning “Clare in the Community”-very funny-and Clare Balding’s “Ramblings”.
I set the timer to go off after an hour.
I only want feel good!

Lauren59 Fri 22-Oct-21 18:55:27

I know it’s very old now, but At a charity shop I recently bought the audiobook CD’s of Angela’s Ashes read by the author, Frank McCourt. If you have never heard it, it’s worth a listen even if you’ve read the book. Very entertaining, sad yet humorous. I went on to listen to his other audiobooks and enjoyed them as well.

Juno56 Fri 22-Oct-21 20:06:44

What a great idea for a thread. Thank you.
I listen to a lot of audiobooks as my eyesight is not so good for reading. I agree that a good narrator is very important. Some first rate narrators I have enjoyed:
Jodi Taylor's Chronicles of St Mary's series narrator Zara Ramm.
Jim Butcher's Dresden Files series narrator James Marsters.
Ben Aaronovitch's Rivers of London series narrator Kobna Holbrook-Smith.
M C Beaton Agatha Raisin series narrator Penelope Keith.
Robert Galbraith (otherwise J K Rowling) Cormoran Strike series narrator Robert Glenister.
Anything narrated by Stephen Fry both his own work and other authors'.
In general I agree with you Fanny about authors narrating their own work but Stephen Fry is an exception as is Barack Obama.

Rosiebee Mon 25-Oct-21 14:27:45

I've only just got into audiobooks since buying an "Alexa Dot". It's on a self charging base so I can listen to my book anywhere. That's made a huge difference, not being attached to headphones. Sorry, I digressed - "Still Life" written and read by Sarah Winman is brilliant. I've since caught a bit of it on the radio read by someone else and it's not a patch on the author who is an actress and gives real characterisation to all the people in the book.
Also enjoyed :
Becoming - written and narrated by Michelle Obama
The Midnight Library - written by Matthew Haig, can't remember narrator
Queen Victoria - written by the lovely Lucy Worsley. She didn't narrate it but there's an interview with her at the end of the book.
Look forward to reading other recommendations.

Atqui Mon 25-Oct-21 14:33:37

I’ve had a couple of audio books narrated by Emilia Fox who is excellent.

Atqui Mon 25-Oct-21 14:53:11

We also listened to an abridged version of Human Traces by Sebastian Faulks ,narrated by Samuel West. I had read the book years ago but wanted to refresh my memory before reading/ listening to his new book Snow Country which revisits
the setting for Human Traces. It was quite heavy going and I was pleased it was abridged , but enjoyed the narration.

PaperMonster Mon 25-Oct-21 18:32:57

I’m very much enjoying Difficult Women on Audible at the moment. I’ve also enjoyed Stephen Fry’s Victorian Secrets (I think it’s called).

Floradora9 Mon 25-Oct-21 21:15:00

If you buy kindle books and have an Alexa device she will read the books for you just ask her to show you your kindle books and tap on the one you want her to read. I also buy the occasional Audio book as well but the kindle ones are so inexpensive and I quite like her voice .

Floradora9 Tue 26-Oct-21 15:11:50

I’ve just finished Miriam Margolyes’ memoir and loved it .
Narrated beautifully by herself .

I listened to this too someimes she made me squirm the things she said . Speaking about university and her sex life there she anounced " I did not f**k but I did suck ." She continues this theme throught the book even picking up perfect strangers to pleasure them and using this method to sweeten directors . Thank goodness she is not related to me .

Blossoming Tue 26-Oct-21 15:15:40

I’m not sure you’d like my choices FannyC. I don’t read much fiction and I mostly read history. I’m currently listening to Peter Marshall’s ‘Heretics and Believers a history of the English reformation’. It’s 37 hours long, still only cost me 1 Audible credit so definitely value for money! It’s read by the splendidly named Napoleon Ryan, he has a pleasant, clear voice and no annoying vocal tics.

eGJ Tue 02-Nov-21 18:34:44

All Susan Hill’s Simon Serallier books read in order by Stephen Pacey. The Long Call and The Heron’s Cry by Ann Cleeves and all the Ken Follett Pillars of the Earth read by John Lee. All of those are wonderf(sometimes long!) listens