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Nagyibs Tue 16-Aug-22 18:00:51

My grandchildren are voracious story listeners ( though not always such voracious readers). At bedtime it’s always “just one more chapter, go on, please, please pretty please” and I run out of voice (especially if it’s just one more chapter of Lord of the Rings - those are long chapters). I’ve even been known to fall asleep while still reading…
If you’re in the same boat, or the parents are, I thoroughly recommend you download the Cloudaloud app. My daughter has tried Yoto I think it’s called but it needed a special box and then stories had to be added. With this Cloudaloud app the little darlings can listen to as many books as they like - there seem to be 1000s on there, they don’t need any special gadget and they don’t leave the app and get onto the internet so they’re safe.
Well I liked it so I thought I’d share

Lathyrus Tue 16-Aug-22 19:01:53

Not the same as being read to though, is it?

Being read to by an adult whose actually there with means laughing together, asking questions making comments, sharing thoughts, security, warmth, time spent together.

Sleepy, croaky granny still beats an app by a million.

welbeck Tue 16-Aug-22 19:46:39

this looks like a sneaky free advert to me.