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Grandmabatty Fri 23-Sep-22 11:31:56

I've just heard she has died. It was quite a shock as she wasn't old. A great writer.

YorkLady Fri 23-Sep-22 11:33:58

I can’t believe that she was 70. She certainly didn’t look it. Loved her books

Sparklefizz Fri 23-Sep-22 11:35:35

Oh no! Another great fan of her books here!

Blossoming Fri 23-Sep-22 11:39:38

RIP Hilary, I love her work. Just relistening to Wolf Hall, coincidentally. Once again I’m struck by the richness of her descriptions that make you feel like you’re in the room.

Grandmabatty Fri 23-Sep-22 11:42:58

I've read quite a number of her books. The contemporary ones are quirky. The historical ones are rich in detail and her characterisation is fabulous. It's a real loss

Boz Fri 23-Sep-22 11:46:36

Wonderful writer. I believe she had a debilitating long-term illness.

Grandmabatty Fri 23-Sep-22 11:52:25

She died suddenly but peacefully according to The Guardian. She had written extensively about her ill health as a younger woman and how it was 'treated'.

MrsKen33 Fri 23-Sep-22 11:57:11

Me too. Loved her books .One of the few people I would have liked to have met. How very sad, RIP Ms. Mantel

grandMattie Fri 23-Sep-22 12:08:25


Wonderful writer. I believe she had a debilitating long-term illness.

She was well known to have debilitating endometriosis, poor woman.

Mollygo Fri 23-Sep-22 12:13:20

Not a fan, but still a shock that she died at 70. I’m glad it was a peaceful ending for her.

HousePlantQueen Fri 23-Sep-22 12:13:37

Very sad to hear this news this morning. A great talent.

Nandalot Fri 23-Sep-22 12:15:41

How sad! What a loss!

Yammy Fri 23-Sep-22 12:25:35

I loved her books they were so descriptive and the historical ones made very good TV watching.
Poor woman only 70 the last time I saw her on T.V she did look bloated.R.I.P

Salmo Fri 23-Sep-22 12:32:48

So very sorry to hear this. I love her books.
I have just finished reading, for the first time, her earlier historical novel about the French Revolution "A Place of Greater Safety". It's an engrossing read.

SueDonim Fri 23-Sep-22 12:36:15

I was very shocked to read this news. I like her books, so thoughtfully written and well-researched.

Urmstongran Fri 23-Sep-22 12:59:18

RIP Hilary Mantel.
A wonderful author, especially the Wolf Hall trilogy in my opinion. Loved those novels so much I went to London with a friend to see the theatre productions a few years ago.

Aveline Fri 23-Sep-22 13:05:37

Shocking and sad news. RIP a great writer

eazybee Fri 23-Sep-22 13:05:42

I am very sorry to hear that. I know she suffered debilitating illnesses when younger.

Maggierose Fri 23-Sep-22 13:11:09

I think she had a stroke.

Greyduster Fri 23-Sep-22 13:49:29

Very unexpected. Only 70. What a loss. Her Cromwell trilogy was a triumph. RIP.

Daffonanna Fri 23-Sep-22 13:55:37

Bless Hilary Mantel . I existed in the world of Thomas Cromwell for most of the first lockdown, reading all 3 books back to back . I forgot I was reading; her extraordinary writing style simply took my every sense back the world of the Tudor Court. 🌺

Grandmabatty Fri 23-Sep-22 14:06:26

Yammy she had to take steroids for years which contributed to her shape and loss of hair. She spoke about it frequently.

Riverwalk Fri 23-Sep-22 14:07:21

Very sad, only 70.

AreWeThereYet Fri 23-Sep-22 14:10:25

I've only read the 'Wolf Hall' trilogy of hers, and actually started re-reading it (for the third time) about a week ago. I can get totally lost in it and find new details each time. Had no idea she was 70 or that she was ill, so quite shocked to see she had died.

CatsCatsCats Fri 23-Sep-22 14:13:57

Her literary agent has confirmed she died of a stroke, according to the New York Times.

I feel bad admitting that I couldn't get beyond the first chapter of Wolf Hall, let alone the whole trilogy.