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Throwing a book in the bin !

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dogsmother Tue 30-May-23 15:42:10

Camberwell Beauty by Jenny Eclair.
I bought it in a charity shop, began reading and got to a bit about a baby and was so disturbed by the writing I put the book in the bin. Has any one ever had a reaction like this?

Daisymae Tue 30-May-23 16:01:16

Yes. Golden Child. I enjoyed reading it, but the ending was so horrible that I binned it rather than pass it on.

MayBee70 Tue 30-May-23 16:08:26

I’ve got a copy of The Exorcist that was my sons. It moves around the house because I come upon it sometimes, move it elsewhere and try to forget about it. I seem to be unable to give it away or dispose of it. It’s currently on top of the piano… I’ve noticed there is always a dvd of Never Let Me Go in charity shops and car boot sales. A good film in it’s way but so sad that no one wants to inflict that sadness on anyone else.

dogsmother Tue 30-May-23 16:08:34

Glad it’s not just me. I’m a book lover, and it goes against the grain however I felt compelled.

Louella12 Tue 30-May-23 16:32:38

My neighbour threw my copy of Angela's Ashes in the bin. She wrapped it in a brown paper bag in case the binmen saw it.

I'd leant it to her before I'd read it myself.

She was so shocked by the book that she read it all before disposing of it.

She didn't want me to read such a dreadful book. I think it was the bad language that was her main issue with it.

Quite funny really 🤣

MerylStreep Tue 30-May-23 16:37:53

Many years ago I just couldn’t throw a book away: particularly as I spent my working life making them.
But not now. I don’t have any qualms about binning what I perceive as rubbish.

AGAA4 Tue 30-May-23 16:43:48

I could have thrown a book by Zadie Smith titled Winter in the bin. It was dreadful but was a new hardback so I took it to the charity shop instead.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Tue 30-May-23 16:57:27

Sorry to say that I found Don Quixote (despite the humour) almost unbearable and I threw it away after I'd trawled through it. Giving hints about the contents of the next chapter took away much of the excitement of 'what happens next'. I'm sure I'm dissing someone's favourite here, the same could be said of my next choice.

I can't recall if I kept Middlemarch or gave it to charity. Now that was like trying to push treacle upstairs.

Blondiescot Tue 30-May-23 17:07:44

Oh no, I just couldn't throw a book in the bin! Even if I hated it, I'd have to give it to charity or something. Just couldn't bring myself to bin any book.

Farmor15 Tue 30-May-23 17:26:33

What I find strange is that most people (me included) have no problem binning newspapers or magazines but have difficulty binning books, no matter how bad or boring. I now do it occasionally.
Now I mostly borrow from library and if rubbish, return without finishing.

TerriBull Tue 30-May-23 17:32:54

My husband chucked Martin Amis' "Money" in the bin, sorry to say that because MA has just died. I think I'd bought it for him thinking it would be some inspired holiday reading. He didn't like it all, felt that it was if the author had just discovered the "f" word and in doing so, meant to use it as many times as he possibly could, so that and plus he thought MA was massively overrated.

I threw the Lovely Bones in the bin, I really didn't like it one little bit, and I think I was miffed at the time as well because it was the overall winner of Richard and Judy's Book Club the first time they'd introduced that as a feature in their afternoon show. I thought the runner up, Star of the Sea by Joseph O'Connor was one of the best books I'd ever read sad just should have won angry

I probably should add once the book went in the bin, it usually came out, it was just satisfying hurling them in that general direction to get it into the receptacle in one go!

eazybee Tue 30-May-23 17:57:33

I threw gently in the direction of the bin ( as it was a library book) a copy of 'Must You Go' by Antonia Fraser; it was the bit about driving down to the country in the Mercedes with Orlando and Claribel and the wolfhounds, or similar, that finally finished me.

Sparklefizz Tue 30-May-23 17:59:54

I was given a carrierbag of 6 paperbacks by a lady at my choir once she knew I belonged to a Book Group.

The books were all by the same author and were full of extremely raunchy .... but badly written ... sex scenes. I'm no prude so wasn't offended by the sex - more about the complete lack of plot and poor writing.

I wanted to get rid of them so ripped off the covers and put those in a carrierbag at the bottom of my bin, and tore up the pages to dispose of in the paper recycling.

I viewed the lady donor slightly differently next time we met at Choir. grin

Calendargirl Tue 30-May-23 19:13:52


Our council’s instructions are to put books in the black general waste bin, not in the paper recycling one, as the pages are often poor quality paper and not suitable for the process. I assume this is for paperbacks also.

It does suggest charity shops or similar if possible though.

M0nica Tue 30-May-23 21:01:48

terribull I have never (to my knowledge) met your DH, but we have something in common. I too chucked Martin Amis' Money in the bin. yes, it was the language, also its lack of any discernable plot.

I have often extolled the works of a 19th century woman writer Mrs Oliphant. When she is good, she is very very good, but when she is bad ........Oh, my God. I recently downloaded one of her books onto my Kindle and a few days later delated it because the plot was so ridiculous and far fetched.

dotpocka Tue 30-May-23 21:09:11

i do not ban books of any kind
like anything else if you dont like it pass it on

M0nica Tue 30-May-23 21:31:25

dotpocka Banning books is not being discussed and no one is advocating it. All we are discussing is books we have disliked so much, we wanted them out of our lives on an instant.

There are plenty of books I have not enjoyed and possibly not finished, and sent to a charity shop. Only 2, one on kindle, that I have ever found so unreadably dreadful, I disposed of them instantly, and both are still widely available out there for anyone who wants to read them to obtain copies

Redhead56 Tue 30-May-23 21:40:17

Growing up in a rather poor household books were a luxury. The only books I had were readers from school and the few I got for Christmas presents. I loved books and treasured what I had I liked reading and gaining knowledge.
I have never thrown a book in the bin if I have a sort out which is quite often they go to charity.

Jaxjacky Tue 30-May-23 22:13:35

I just couldn’t, however bad, books I’ve read or not go to the village charity shop.

Mom3 Tue 30-May-23 22:21:11

I ripped apart a couple books by a psychologist who was a super Christian anti-gay bigot who admired TRump. It felt good to throw them away.

M0nica Wed 31-May-23 08:21:17

How about deleting books from your kindle or other e reader(for those that have them)?

Hetty58 Wed 31-May-23 08:33:42

I read 'The Road' by Cormac McCarthy ( as it won the Pulitzer prize) but then I swiftly binned it - as I didn't want my children to read it.

Still, decades later, those images of the cellar 'food store' and spit roast baby haunt me.

MerylStreep Wed 31-May-23 08:51:37

I think some here would be horrified at the amount of books that charity shops have to bin ( the charities have to pay for the skips)
We don’t want to but we all receive so many. We phone other charity shops near us to ask if they need any but they are in the same position.

Fairislecable Wed 31-May-23 09:10:31

I was once recommended a book called ‘Shantaram’. It was a very thick paperback book. It was a really rubbish story of one persons life in India (I think). Sort of, then I did this and then I did that.

At that time I had never stopped reading a book until the end.

A couple of years later I met a chap poolside reading the same book we discussed it and he said he always finished a book so would plough on.

I knew he had finished it as I heard a grunt of disgust, he tore the book in half and threw it in the swimming pool!

(He did retrieve it and put in the bin).

Bella23 Wed 31-May-23 09:36:43


How about deleting books from your kindle or other e reader(for those that have them)?

I delete books from my Kindle. These days I know a few chapters in if I am enjoying it and just delete it if I am not, one was so quick I got a refund. It's a little too easy really. In the past, I would have struggled to the end.
I had a broken Kindle, DD took it and her DH mended it she ended up with a library full of books. Luckily we like the same type.