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To Kindle or not to Kindle?

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Jackaranda Sun 03-Dec-23 17:21:37

I'm an avid and fast reader and have been very spoilt living close to an excellent library for years but we moved home in the summer and I am missing it. I'm pretty sure I would love a Kindle Paperwhite especially as I'm travelling solo to Australia in the new year and it would be much more practical than packing books! I think I can access audio books too, which would give my poor old eyes a rest...
Any thoughts would be welcome - thank you!

Aveline Sun 03-Dec-23 17:25:59

I love my Kindle. I have a paper white. I like the way it can be adjusted to suit the font, size, boldness, spacing etc. This suits me as I really enjoy quite old books whose format can vary a lot.

Sarahmob Sun 03-Dec-23 17:27:35

Lots of people say they prefer real books (and it’s each to their own as far as I’m concerned) but I love my kindle - it’s got loads to read on it as I seem to add books on a regular basis. It’s light and easy to slip in a bag so I’m never without something to read.

Tizliz Sun 03-Dec-23 17:33:21

Look at kindle unlimited. £9 a month and you can choose from thousands of books, can borrow up to 20 at a time.

FannyD Sun 03-Dec-23 17:35:28

Totally agree with Aveline. I still love ‘proper’ books but find my Kindle much easier to manage in bed, and it really comes into its own when travelling.
If you do decide on one, make sure you download the Book Bub app. It offers much-reduced books on a daily basis which you can download to Kindle. I have come across many books I may not have come across this way.

toscalily Sun 03-Dec-23 17:37:52

A kindle definitely if you going to be travelling. I am on my second one, first one lasted for years, not a paper white though. I would not be without it. You can still buy, borrow & read books as well, I still do. Some books, gardening, cookery, those with lots of photo's I do not like to view on my kindle and prefer those still in book form. Best of both worlds.

Patsy70 Sun 03-Dec-23 17:51:23

Another vote for the Kindle Paperwhite. I love mine and have had it for a number of years. I often wake during the night and read, so with a kindle my OH isn’t disturbed, as there is no need to turn on the bedside light. Perfect when travelling too. I wouldn’t be without it.

Visgir1 Sun 03-Dec-23 17:53:52

I too was of the love real books brigade. My future SiL convinced me to buy a Kindle paperwhite, he was so right that was about 10 years ago..
The best things I have ever spent, my money on, I totally couldn't be without my paperwhite.
I still have some "real" books, but after using a paperwhite they feel so heavy and awkward.
Cheap to download, agree you read books that are different, fantastic for traveling easy to use.
Just love mine.

Casdon Sun 03-Dec-23 17:56:14

I prefer books, but if I want to read a book on a screen I do it on my iPad, which works well.

HurdyGurdy Sun 03-Dec-23 17:57:26

Definitely recommend a paperwhite. I'm on my third one now (the charging port seems to be very delicate. I like being able to read one handed whilst sipping my drink, and that I can read it in bright sunlight, as it is backlit.

I also like being able to carry literally hundreds of books around with me, and not having to consider taking multiple books on holiday in case I finish one and don't have another to hand.

It's not the same as holding and reading a real book, but the convenience outweighs any cons for me.

Grannybags Sun 03-Dec-23 18:28:38

I love real books but have over 300 books on my kindle paperwhite so a good space saver! Also much easier to read in bed and while travelling.

Definitely recommend one

Tenko Sun 03-Dec-23 18:31:06

Another paper white fan . I love my kindle and I’m on my third . I read in bed and it means I don’t disturb my dh.
And it’s great to have loads of books to read on holiday and not have to worry about excess baggage.
I do occasionally read a book it’s normally ones I get from the charity shop .

Sar53 Sun 03-Dec-23 18:35:18

DH and I both have Paper White Kindles. He reads only on his Kindle. I prefer real books when at home but take my Kindle when travelling as far easier to transport.
I would totally recommend one.

downtoearth Sun 03-Dec-23 18:36:53

Wouldnt be without my paperwhite kindle.
I love my books,but,my kindle is an anytime,any place,any where accessory,can download a book in seconds.
Kindle unlimited allows me this freedom for the price of one book,I can have many.

Rosalyn69 Sun 03-Dec-23 18:55:56

Best of both worlds. We borrow books from the local library and take our kindles on holidays and trips because so easy to carry. But nothing beats a real book.

FannyD Sun 03-Dec-23 19:02:35

Sorry Jackaranda, I misled you in my previous post regarding Book Bub. It’s not an app. You get daily emails. If you google Book Bub you can sign up for it.

sodapop Sun 03-Dec-23 19:20:01

I agree with Rosalyn69 e-readers are ok for travelling but there is nothing like the real thing for me. The feel, smell, and proper page turning of book are the best.

Jackaranda Sun 03-Dec-23 19:40:48

Thank you everyone - your views are all really helpful. In fact, I've just been online and ordered my Kindle! I'm so very pleased and I know it will be used a lot - I already have a long list of books to download. I agree real books are very special and I will still love rereading my own favourites many times I'm sure. I'll check out Book Bub and Kindle Unlimited too (thanks for the idea FannyD and Tizliz) Have a lovely evening!

GrannyGravy13 Sun 03-Dec-23 19:57:00

I have a kindle paper white which is linked to my iPhone and iPad, I also use the local library, physical books and the online option.

I also buy hard back copies of my favourite authors.

henetha Sun 03-Dec-23 23:33:11

There's a place for both. I too love real books and am a regular library borrower. But a kindle is so useful as well, especially for holidays or travelling, or even a day out if some of it is to be spent reading. Also, if I can't find a particular book in my library I can almost always buy it on Kindle.
So, both I say...

Gin Sun 03-Dec-23 23:58:36

I use my iPad with the Kindle app. I did not think I would like it as I love a ‘proper’ book but, as my eyesight is poor, I find enlarging the font and the screen being back lit makes for a much more enjoyable read. I do have a Kindle for travelling but my iPad is always at hand at home and the screen is larger.

You can borrow ‘e’ books from your library website for free in my county.

Curtaintwitcher Mon 04-Dec-23 07:13:57

One of the things to bear in mind, is the physical effects of using a Kindle. A proper book is better for the eyes and the brain. If I switch from one to the other, I can immediately tell how much more comfortable reading a proper book is.

Imarocker Mon 04-Dec-23 08:05:22

Absolutely love the kindle. Bought it for travelling (could never pack enough books) but I use it all the time. I find reading on the paper white is much easier and better for my eyes because you can adjust the typeface and size of print. I love that it fits in almost any handbag. Before you buy a book download a sample to make sure you really want it. And don’t forget that if you don’t like a book you can ‘return’ it and get a refund.

M0nica Mon 04-Dec-23 08:21:44

My preference depends on circumstances. Kindle is OK for novels and books without illustrations, but totally useless if a book contains maps, diagrams etc that you need to access while reading.

I love sitting down at home almost anywhere with a good book and in bed when I go to bed, but if I wake in the night, I just want print to run my eyes over and a kindle with light etc turned right down and no light in the room is ideal, within minutes I am asleep again.

Travelling, surgeries, waiting for something, kindles are ideal.

As I said, horses for courses

EkwaNimitee Mon 04-Dec-23 08:38:59

I love my 'real' books and I love my Kindle equally.
MOnica is right about depending on the circumstances, a Kindle is useless if you need to refer to footnotes diagrams etc but it's indispensable for travelling. I first bought mine when we took a caravan to Spain for the winter, there would have been no room for us if we'd loaded the amount of books 2 people needed for several months! Mine tucks into my handbag and can be read anywhere. I haven't tried audiobooks on it simply because I have an app on my tablet and listen to them via that...a great way to pass a long plane journey.
The other great advantage is if you have a visual disability, my DH did and could greatly enlarge the text, actual books had become very difficult for him and required a magnifying glass.
I am on Amazon Prime btw and get a free book every month.