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Fifty Books a Year (or fewer)

773 Greyduster

We must be Brave by Frances Liardet

4 Persistentdonor

October book club - A Single Thread

22 SeaWatcher

Winner of book writing competition

2 Gonegirl


9 Beechnut

Comfort reads (or rather re-reads)

168 Witzend

How It Was - September book club

44 CariGransnet

December book club

12 Maggiemaybe

Book Club, November?

13 CariGransnet

writing competition

11 Megan63

The Hidden Books Game

7 Maggiemaybe

What are you reading now 2

284 Elrel

Old books

15 Jane10

Recommended books

23 gulligranny

' If only I could tell you' by Hannah Beckerman.

1 spallam

Stuck for reading ideas for 12-yr-old

37 Oopsminty

Audiobook recommendations

22 SallyB392

Anyone else gone back to "real" books?

65 sf101


5 jusnoneed

To-day only 8th. Sept DCI Banks books by Peter Robinson

11 merlotgran

September book club book

15 carolboz


26 KatyK

Authors using Gransnet for research?

9 TerriBull

Could be topical . . .

10 Elegran

October book club?

4 gillyknits

After the End - July book club

65 vickya

August book club - The Mother-In-Law by Sally Hepworth

65 SallyHepworthAuthor

Sunny Side Up by Clare Cassy

1 hopstone

The Secret Hours another Deverill book

4 SusieWilkinson

Is anyone able to recommend a book as good as this please?

140 TerriBull

The Suspect - February book club

74 FionaBarton

Blitz fiction especially that set in London

5 Alima

The Train Man by Andrew Mulligan

2 Bikerhiker

Dragon Lady

4 Gonegirl

All New Kindle with built in front light.

17 lemongrove

Phillip Kerr

4 trisher

Draw for Book Club


House of Cards (original version)

4 Jane10

Cathy Glass fostering books to-day 99p for Kindle

1 Floradora9

Book club

5 CariGransnet

I looked away by Jane Corry - review

3 Anj123

The Foundling

1 Floradora9

Book review

1 hulahoop

Audio books

7 GreatauntieLinda

Big Sky - new Jackson Brodie book

14 Movinghouseplanner

The Dragon Lady - June book club

65 GeminiJen

The Anniversary by Hilary Boyd

10 farview

How It Ends - May book club

48 SaskiaSarginsonAu...

July book club?

13 SarahGransnet

Time is a Killer byMichel Bussi

1 Crazygran