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After the End - July book club

8 Wendy

Fifty Books a Year (or fewer)

667 Parsley3

What are you reading now 2

271 Grannyknot

Old books

13 maytime2

How It Ends - May book club

31 Lucy2

July book club?

13 SarahGransnet

Time is a Killer byMichel Bussi

1 Crazygran

The Dragon Lady - June book club

44 CariGransnet

Mr Doubler Begins Again - March book club

40 SeniGlaister

The Anniversary by Hilary Boyd

9 Gonegirl

The Temptation of Gracie

3 MawBroonsback

April book club - Dear Mrs Bird

81 GandT

Dragon Lady

1 Alanperry47

Greek myths retold

17 Greyduster

Audio books

6 Urmstongran

Which charity shops accept second Han book donations?

19 Beckett

Big Sky - new Jackson Brodie book

13 Sara65

Phillip Kerr

1 Qwerty

Judith Kerr

27 Qwerty

Celestial Bodies

3 Gonegirl

Blood Orange

2 TerriBull

All New Kindle with built in front light.

12 crystaltipps

Joanne Harris- new book!!

12 TerriBull

The Suspect - February book club

60 GeminiJen

May book club ?

7 Crocky

Circe by Madeline Miller

6 Greyduster

The Heart Beats in Secret - April book club

23 CariGransnet

January book club - Blackberry & Wild Rose

57 Doreen5

The House on Half Moon Street by Alex Reeve


Authors that are missed

86 Charleygirl5

The Room on Rue Amelie - Kristin Harmel

3 PageTurner

Is anyone able to recommend a book as good as this please?

128 Marilla

How do you usually choose your next read, or three? [smile]

23 Sara65

April book club

17 CariGransnet

Reading matter in the bathroom.

48 MamaCaz

Tim Pears

3 Sara65


82 Ellen80

"Katie Flynn"

3 Liz46

The "Why did nobody tell me?" parenting book ad

64 janeainsworth

Any Trollope fans? (Anthony, not Joanna)

28 Tuppnce

Book club date.

13 NatashaGransnet

The Cleaner of Chartres

3 sodapop

March bookclub

30 CariGransnet

The Salt Path

7 Shenksphere

March book.

92 CariGransnet

World Book Day today

18 Marmight


23 Urmstongran

Old Baggage

6 toscalily

James lasdun

2 Namsnanny

kindle notification of duplicate books

20 henetha