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retirement complex's in spain

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mrshardyman Mon 07-Nov-11 19:20:17

I have been struggling to find a retirement complex for my parents who live in Moraira Spain.
So far I have found only two, the Cuidad Patricia near Benidorm and the Colina near Calpe.

My parents are in their 80s, are self caring and fiercely independent but my mother is now suffering from dementia and would be unable to raise the alarm should anything happen to my father. They now realise it is time to move to a safer environment.
Does anyone have any opinions or information they feel might help me please.

glammanana Tue 08-Nov-11 14:09:25

mrshardyman I know Cuidad Patrica is it not in Alfas del Pi near Albir ? if it is the same one someone who I knew when we lived in Albir had their mother staying there and they arranged for a lady to call every day am and pm to make sure everything was OK,it was arranged privatly but their are companies who offer more intence service's,look on line at Costa Blanca News and you will find something to help you.Good luck.