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25 Words for a BreakFree future - The National Osteoporosis Society

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Pickles2011 Tue 12-Jul-11 16:11:46

This month the National Osteoporosis Society are rallying members of the public to provide 25 words to tell them why people with fragile bones deserve to be heard. The call for action will help them to urge the UK governments to do more for the millions of people who live with fragile bones.

They want to:

Convince governments and local health authorities that osteoporosis needs to be given greater precedence.

Influence the negotiations on the UK-wide Quality Outcomes Framework (QOF) which will begin in August.

Improve services for people with Osteoporosis

3 million people live with Osteoporosis in the UK; this year nearly 300,000 will break a bone. You don’t have to fragile bones yourself to know this is wrong. Weight of numbers will be crucial, so please also encourage friends and family to get involved - as many people as possible - the more responses we get, the stronger the message will be.

All you need to do is write, in 25 words why you think that osteoporosis needs to be given greater priority. You can email your words along with your postcode to: [email protected]

NanaAnna Wed 13-Jul-11 13:35:38

Have posted that email as requested.

My osteoporosis was pick up on a routine ankle x-ray. I had no idea and was shocked as I do a lot of weight-bearing exercise (running, body pump, pilates etc) and have a healthy diet.

Many post-menopausal women have this without realising it and by the time it is diagnosed bones have thinned to a dangerous degree.

janthea Wed 13-Jul-11 14:15:17

For the last few years, due to taking various medications, I've been prescribed calcium tablets. However, as I now longer take the relevant medication, the calcium tablets have also been stopped. I now have to concentrate on making sure I get enough calcium in my diet. As everyone knows, calcium is essential for strong bones and post menepausal women need more calcium. It wouldn't cost the earth to give everyone of a certain age calcium tablets which may protect against osteoporosis. Just a thought.