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Doorstep canvassing

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Maniac Mon 05-Dec-11 10:25:08

Last night approx 8pm there was repeated knocking on my door.It sounded urgent.I gingerly opened the door to see a young man(looked about 16)in red t-shirt with ‘Shelter’ monogram.I quickly said ‘No thankyou’ and closed the door.
From upstairs window I saw several young people,similarly attired,with clip boards going door to door collecting or persuading people to sign up for giving
I felt shaken and guilty at my reaction but am unhappy about this activity.I gladly give to'Shelter' but feel that on dark evenings older people might be scared and feel pressurised particularly at this time of year.I also object to earnest young people being recruited for this kind of fund raising.

What do you feel

greenmossgiel Mon 05-Dec-11 10:30:44

I wonder if they were absolutely genuine, Maniac? hmm

grannyactivist Mon 05-Dec-11 10:37:13

Seems like they're legitimate green:
I NEVER give money at the door and always say something along the lines of: 'I consider my charitable giving very carefully and have already allocated this year's donations, thank you.'
Just recently I had a doorstep caller from Save the Children - I suspect that, due to the current economic climate, charities are moving into a more aggressive mode of soliciting funds and I DO NOT LIKE IT!

nanachrissy Mon 05-Dec-11 10:41:39

My road is constantly being targetted by canvassers of one kind or another,(lots of terraced cottages). I had a small sign made,(no canvassers or religious groups) which works in the main. Often young window salespeople don't understand what "canvassers" means.
However at night I never answer the door. Anyone who knows me knocks on the window!

nanachrissy Mon 05-Dec-11 10:43:23

Obviously I don't mean "young windows" grin

syberia Mon 05-Dec-11 10:59:12

The money saving expert site has a notice you can download and print off

It says "No cold callers! We won't buy from you! We don't need free advice. (Please do not incur our wrath by knocking)"

It seems to work, as I have not had to turn anyone away.

And, according to that site, all the gas and electricity companies have been told to respect the sign!!


shysal Mon 05-Dec-11 11:09:57

I answer the door with the safety chain in place, saying 'sorry, we never do business at the door' then gently close it. There is not a 'we' as I live alone, but I never tell strangers.

Mishap Mon 05-Dec-11 15:02:14

I too am unhappy about the aggressive practices of some charities, and can only think that it is a reflection of the current economic climate.

I truly resent it when charities send me things (birthday/Christmas cards, pens etc.) with the request that I buy them - I find that unacceptable. I am afraid that I just keep these things - I have organised my giving and do not like this sort of blackmail. It does not endear me to the charity.

They should not be coming to the door - especially after dark.

Nsube Mon 05-Dec-11 15:09:00

Absolutely agree with all of the above, although I still fondly recall one funny moment about thirty years ago when I was at home with two toddlers. I'm really quite small and I opened the door in bare feet looking a bit scruffy. The person said
'Can you get your Mum for me please?
I took great delight telling him that Mummy was changing baby's nappy and couldn't come.

bikergran Mon 05-Dec-11 15:23:48

AVON had a catalouge dropped through letter bos about a week ago, said they were collecting it the following Thursday pm, didn't supply a pliastic bag, so I just left it at the side of the doorstep, late Thursday eveing (well around 8-15) knock!!knock!! got up from my comfy chair , opened the door! "have you got you Avon catalogue"?
No cos I left it at the side of the step! grrrrrrrrr.. so I wouldn't have to get up to answer the door! (asked her politely not! to leave any more)
It is very rare I will answer the door after tea, unfortunatly I cant see who is at the door before I open it, hence too late then, but me neighbours hasa special knock so i know it's her. smile

bikergran Mon 05-Dec-11 15:24:50

erm..... "about" "plastic" [type]

bikergran Mon 05-Dec-11 15:25:36

hmm lol lol I will get there eventualy

goldengirl Mon 05-Dec-11 15:27:13

I must say I never purchase anything at the door having made a mistake in doing so many years ago which thankfully worked out OK. Our road seems to be a real target for door knockers as well as those ghastly telephone callers who can really get very cross - as can I angry
PS: I enjoyed typing 'fangry' for the icon! Yes I like to bare my teeth on occasion

gracesmum Mon 05-Dec-11 21:32:43

Couple of nights ago I answered a knock at the door to find 2 lads collecting for Battersea Dogs' and Cats' Home. I offered them Grace the greyhound but they declined.
No pleasing some people.

Maniac Mon 05-Dec-11 21:50:24

Thanks gracesmum.
That made me laugh out loud.

Bronte Sun 22-Apr-12 12:59:10

Have a signal family and friends can use. My kids and grandkids ring twice otherwise the door doesn’t get opened.

dorsetpennt Sun 22-Apr-12 13:02:45

A chap I know has a neat way of getting rid of door step callers. He gets a note book and pen and asks for their home address. When asked why he wants this his reply is : 'so I can come around to your place and disturb you when you are eating/sleeping/watching tv etc.

glammanana Sun 22-Apr-12 13:14:46

dorsetpennt Thats a good idea I may try that we have had a few recently,one was for sponsorship for the local walk but the guy who knocked at 8pm I had never seen him before in my life.

Anne58 Sun 22-Apr-12 13:47:48

I had one a couple of weeks ago, for WWF. He as good as invited hinself in, saying, "Can I lean on your hall table to fill this in?" "This" being the form to set up a direct debit for donations! He really seemed to assume that I was going to do it, and was quite affronted when I said no.

granbunny Sun 22-Apr-12 14:07:30

keep your doors locked, please!

on 22 Feb, at daughter's around 6pm when it was completely dark, we heard a noise at the front door, wondered who it was, then daughter said 'someone's come in, a man's come in!' we were in the kitchen at the back of the house and went forward to see - yes, he was in the vestibule. he came into the hall.

daughter told him to go out and he began to talk and try to get further into the hall.

i stepped in front of daughter (who was carrying the baby) and demanded 'what do you think you are doing? you can't just walk into someone's house!' he was still talking and trying to get round the side of me.

i told him 'get out! get out!' and daughter did the same. i told him 'move back'. i put my arm out to indicate he must not go up the stairs. i told him that he must move back, using teaching techniques 'i need you to move back now'.

i got him into the vestibule and insisted he step further back....he went back to the step but did not step down, which he would have had to do to be properly outside the house. i pointed and said 'get down!' and he did back off the step.

he carried on talking and arguing. he was angry and unpleasant. i saw he had an identity card on a lanyard so got hold of it. he moved back so i couldn't see the details. he was still arguing.

i told him 'go away! go away now and never come back!'. he turned and walked away, looking angry. we locked the door.

daughter phoned the police. they found him. he smooth-talked them, saying he was a charity worker (which he may have been) and that all the houses on the street have the same layout with an internal porch so he had to go straight in to make himself heard! blatant lie as they're all edwardian and individual designed! his tabard said 'cancer care'. i contacted them. they said they had several complaints about doorstep collectors but they were not collecting on their behalf.

glammanana Sun 22-Apr-12 14:25:41

How scary for you and your family,at my DDs home you can gaurentee that about 6ish most evening during the summer months she is plagued by doorstep canvassers,alot of them are for different charities but they are bused into the area en-mass and dropped off for 4/5 hrs to blitz the area,they already have some of the forms filled out with addresses and postcode and try to obtain bank details,they have even tried to get information from eldest GS when DD and I where at an open evening at school.So stay safe and keep the door firmly locked.

glassortwo Sun 22-Apr-12 14:35:23

We have had a lot of door step canvassers, but when I go to the door I say its not my house I am babysitting sorry, then close the door and dont give them chance to start a conversation.

granbunny that must have been frightening for you both flowers

granbunny Sun 22-Apr-12 14:39:34

thank you, glass. it took a few weeks to get over - we're fine now, but careful about locking doors. when your house is set back from the road you somehow don't expect people to walk straight in.

at my house, i have a secret weapon - an opening window half-way up the stairs. if anyone knocks, i can open the window and ask what they want before i open a door!

Mishap Sun 22-Apr-12 14:58:28

That sounds really scary! Thankfully we have very little of this sort of problem as we live in such an isolated place that you would need to be very determined to come out here to canvass!

bagitha Sun 22-Apr-12 15:04:43

Same here! I can only remember one canvasser in six years.