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Good luck, Gransnet!

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BecauseImWorthIt Thu 05-May-11 08:40:25

Popping over from Mumsnet to wish the site well.

glassortwo Thu 05-May-11 09:49:15

Hi everyone, I am from Mumsnet too, but am a Grandma of 5 so have joined.
I hope Gransnet is as successful as Mumsnet, just what we need.

notgransometimes Thu 05-May-11 11:10:55

Here to say hello and good luck!

I think my mum would appreciate some wine in the emoticons list, and maybe a cup of tea too! Seriously, she could drink most MNers under the table.

She isn't on the internet but really likes the idea of Gransnet, especially when I told her she could write things like

AIBU to think that my daughter is a lazy cow wink

BecauseImWorthIt Thu 05-May-11 11:19:25

Shouldn't Gransnet have its own biscuit? Some nice homemade shortbread or something?!

Let's check


BecauseImWorthIt Thu 05-May-11 11:19:44

Hah! See - they've sneaked in a few Jammy Dodgers for us after all!

BecauseImWorthIt Thu 05-May-11 11:20:01


BecauseImWorthIt Thu 05-May-11 11:20:10


BecauseImWorthIt Thu 05-May-11 11:20:28

Actually, maybe the emoticons should all be wearing glasses?

notgransometimes Thu 05-May-11 11:56:21

wine wine wine It is all for me and I'm not sharing!

Seriously GNHQ, you need to let newbies know about the good stuff.

NanaEmmaNana Thu 05-May-11 12:44:39

Bringing some wine for a housewarming gift for the Grans on here!

Good luck!!

Don't abandon MN totally - love to hear from posters with a grans experience/pov.

grandmacwtch Thu 05-May-11 13:18:01

just joined, been reading forums etc. on mumsnet and did think of joining, but glad I waited, now that gransnet has been created.

New Gran so can't wait to join in and tell everyone how perfect my little cherub is (tongue in cheek smiley).

Hello all fellow grandparents, hope this site will be as well used as mumsnet

slinky Thu 05-May-11 13:30:06

Hello every one, I've just joined and I'm another MNer.

Sorry, not a gran but old enough to be one.

Thought I'd do a nosey and see what's happening wink

hormonesnomore Thu 05-May-11 13:53:50

Hi all - I'm from Mumsnet too. I've posted on the old Gransnet section but this is different (why? confusedsmile) Hope it goes well

Lovewords Thu 05-May-11 14:01:14

I am interested to meet grandparents who have not got access to grandchildren.As i am in similar position.
Many thanks.

MmeLindt Thu 05-May-11 17:24:30

Another MNetter saying hello and good luck.

MmeLindt Thu 05-May-11 17:25:27

My Mum would be posting here too, but I filled her up with too much wine at lunch time

Maddie Thu 05-May-11 17:36:48

Hi - I saw an article on Gransnet on the Daily Telegraph online .. thought I would join to see what it is all about. I wish Gransnet the best of luck and will keep popping back.

GrannyTunnocks Thu 05-May-11 17:58:57

MmeLindt filled me up with too much wine at lunch time. I had a wee snooze and am fit as a fiddle again.

GrannyTunnocks Thu 05-May-11 18:00:12

How do I find the wine glass picture

MmeLindt Thu 05-May-11 18:42:54

Mum, you do [ wine ] without the spaces.

Just as well she is fit as a fiddle cause she is babysitting tonight. grin

RedRidingHood Thu 05-May-11 18:43:31

I'm from MN as well.
I'm not a gran but I'm certainly old enough and sometimes feel very ancient when I read the posts on mumsnet.
Trying out a new name in honour of Gransnet.

coastwallker Thu 05-May-11 18:49:10

Hello everyone. I heard an interview on the radio today and thought this was a great idea. I wish Mumsnet had been around when mine were littles. I'm not quite a granny yet - 6 weeks to D day, all being well. I look forward to chatting here and making new friends smile

edam Thu 05-May-11 19:06:36

Sauntering over from Mumsnet to wish you all very well indeed. Had a horrid moment filling in the registration form - got to date of birth and realised I am technically old enough to be a grandparent had I got started early on childbearing... <eek>

(I know someone who is 38 and has actually just become a Grandpa in real life, not just as a mathematical possibility. And his wife-to-be is about to be a step-Grandma at the grand old age of 27!)

Notsogrand Thu 05-May-11 19:41:49

I make my own wine so feel at home on this thread.

GrannyTunnocks Thu 05-May-11 20:04:49