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Any amateur profilers out there?

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Notsogrand Mon 09-May-11 17:00:14

Going purely by the number of posts in the first few days of Gransnet's 'life', the most significant issues are bad grammar, swearing, things we're too old to do and finding dresses with sleeves.
So on that basis, I wonder what a profile of the 'average' G'Netter would be? grin

Myfanwy Mon 09-May-11 22:13:26

A cross-dressing retired Major-General, perhaps?

Notsogrand Tue 10-May-11 00:01:12

grin at Major-General Myfanwy. It does feel a bit like having to stand to attention on here sometimes though.

harrigran Wed 11-May-11 13:28:57

Who cares about dresses with sleeves ? buy a nice cardigan and cover the bingo wings if it is a problem. I spend half my life in track suit trousers, so much easier for crawling round the floor with a toddler, and I am in my sixties.