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hiding out...

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Mouse Mon 16-May-11 12:52:55

on gransnet and avoiding the housework. If I face this way I can't see the vacuum cleaner!

lili Mon 16-May-11 13:28:40

fab idea ;D

nanafrancis Mon 16-May-11 14:03:06

Avoid dusting by carefully replacing anything back down from where you picked it up!! smile

Mouse Mon 16-May-11 14:47:02

that is now added to my repitoire (sp?) of avoidance techniques, Nanafrancis hehe

Doris Mon 16-May-11 18:13:53

nanafrancis - what do you mean 'picked it up'? If you bluetac everything down in the first place you can wheech around the tops inbetween with a feather dister or one of these new fangled micromop thingies - give the room a quick spray of furniture polish for a clean smell and treat yourself to a coffee!! grin

nanafrancis Mon 16-May-11 19:13:06

Great idea, Doris!
It's dreadfully dusty here and I loathe dusting (and cleaning windows)

milkflake Tue 17-May-11 17:10:05

I have decided the best way to do housework is very quickly , dont think about doing it for ages just do it at the speed of light and you will find you are sat back down in no time. I do mine on a Wednesday between 10 and 10.30 am lol.

nanafrancis Tue 17-May-11 17:11:02

As long as that, milkflake?