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twizzle Thu 19-May-11 17:32:32

Does anyone have a 'claim to fame' ?

supernana Thu 19-May-11 17:45:18

Does having saved my friend's life by using the heimlich maneuver count?

twizzle Thu 19-May-11 17:47:23

Of course it does supernana - thus proving that you are indeed a supernana.

supernana Thu 19-May-11 17:48:18

Ah, twizzle, like you a lot smile

Notsogrand Thu 19-May-11 19:32:24

There are some lovely people on here smile

My only claim to fame is appearing on a quiz show on BBC2 in 1963/4. (aged 16/17) Una Stubbs and Robin Ray were on the 'panel'. I never saw the programme as our TV at home didn't receive BBC2. grin

twizzle Thu 19-May-11 20:09:48

Notsogrand - you are a television star *

What was the quiz?
Did you win and, if so, what did you win?

Notsogrand Thu 19-May-11 20:17:39

I can't remember the name of it twizzle I still have a copy of the letter inviting me sad old sod but it's in the loft.
For each 'round' of the quiz there were 4 people representing a certain job. I was a checkout operator (think Delia/Heston) 3 people were genuine, 1 was a fake. The panel asked questions to identify the fake. I was asked about money off coupons. So there weren't winners really, and certainly no prizes. It was just a showcase for the star panelists I guess.
I remember being made up....they literally trowelled it on!

glassortwo Thu 19-May-11 20:20:58

Dave, Dee, Dozy, Mick and Titch (think thats their names, helped paint our living room, they met my Mum when she was working in the NAFFI and they were performing at one of the camps my Dad was stationed at while he was in the RAF.

milliej Thu 19-May-11 20:21:02

Hmm don't know if you'd call this a claim to fame but nearly got me into serious trouble (well this is one of the times!!) in the R.A.F. a visiting Air Vice Marshall came on a tour of inspection and I was on duty in the signals section at the time (on my own!) I refused him entry because he didn't have any I.D. on him......and he was livid!
My chief (of ops) who was escorting him came to my defence and said I'd done the right thing, new recruit showing initiative as I was manning the section alone.
Just because he had a lot of braiding and 'brass' how was I too know he was the real thing?

Big grin: phew!

twizzle Thu 19-May-11 20:28:10

glassortwo - didn't beaky help out too?

glassortwo Thu 19-May-11 20:51:03

Ahh yes, dont remember if it was all of them or some of them, was a long time ago twizzle and my memory is not what it was. grin

lucid Fri 20-May-11 11:24:13

Not sure if this is a claim to fame but I used to work at our local superstore and served both Sir Stanley Matthews (he bought a set of garden furniture) and Blaster Bates (if you're old enough to remember him!). Not on the same day! Oh....and Darth Vader visited once on a promotion and he picked me up and carried me off, I was terrified even though I knew he was an actor in character.shock

supernana Fri 20-May-11 11:54:31

In my twenties I worked in a night club and Roger Moore was in a cabaret - I served him a drink afterwards...also Ruby Murray...remember..."Softly softly come to me...?" - she was such a lovely lady. smile

Nannyliz Fri 20-May-11 14:24:13

A couple of years ago a friend of ours nominated OH and myself for an Angel award organised by Tommy's Let's Get Baby Friendly charity. They are attached to St Thomas's Hospital in London and fund research into birth and pregnancy problems.

We were nominated for our help and support for my friend and her husband (who had been trying for a baby for 20 years) during their 3rd attempt at IVF which was initially successfull, but resulted in them losing much longed for twins born prematurely at 22 weeks. We just did what anyone would do in those circumstances and didn't think anything of it.

We were invited a top hotel in London ( I can't remember the name, only that's it's very near Hyde Park, grrr this memory of mine, or lack of it!)

What a fantastic day it was, all expenses paid, wonderful lunch and met some famous people, Floella Benjamin, Nancy Sorrel (Vic Reeves other half) Karrie Grant (childrens tv presenter and loads more that I can't remember.

We actually won the award which was an amazing experience. The celebrities all treated us like celebs. I'll never forget that day and can't thank my friend enough for nominating us.

There is a happy ending to my friends story. She went on to have a baby naturally just about a year after losing her precious twins, a lovely little girl who is now 3 years old and the apple of her mummy and daddy's eye.

So that's my claim to fame. I also had my photograph taken at work with James Cracknell the Olympic rower. What a lovely guy.

harrigran Fri 20-May-11 15:12:23

I nursed Laurie Mason from the Overlanders, just about the time that their record Michelle made number 1 in the charts. He was a great guy, very well liked by everyone. I have just found out that he died of a heart attack in America when he was 54, such a shame.

Divawithattitude Fri 20-May-11 15:12:53

I once tipped a plate of spaghetti over Giner Baker's head and got thrown out of a nightclub for doing so!!

heleena Fri 20-May-11 16:38:15

milliej I did a similar thing with some high up from British Telecom. I answered the door to him and he couldn't show me ID so I wouldn't let him in. Just because his picture was all over the cover of the then latest copy of the South West telephone directory didn't give him rights to get pass me without ID!!!! grin

58lyndy Fri 20-May-11 19:01:29

My sister age 16 ad 15 year old cousin were crazy Osmond fans in the early 70's. I worked for an Airline at Luton Airport and one of the Engineers nonchalantly came into the ofcie to say the Osmonds were arriving on a flight in the hour at a private end of the runway! Called my Mum who got my sister from her office (she lost her job for leaving)my cousin from school and brought them to my office. The maintenance guys were driving the steps to the aircraft so we hopped in the cab with them over to the aircraft and stood between that and the limos collecting them!! There were about 15 of us behind a cordon and a bus full of screaming girls in such a frenzy I thought it would tip over!! Along came Donny Marie Jimmy Alan et all chatting hugging signing photos whilst my sister remained dumb and my cousin weeping with joy! Wouldnt happen now with elfan safety and necessary security!!!

babyjack Sat 21-May-11 11:06:48

Princess Margaret visited my primary school class in the 60's much to my mothers delight.All I remember is her hat!!

harrigran Sat 21-May-11 18:03:43

Talking about royalty, I have had lunch with the Queen and I have been to Buckingham palace for an investiture and iv'e got the pics to prove it. There again thousands of people go to the palace so it is not unusual.

Joan Sun 22-May-11 00:43:04

Well, along with 2 others I broadcast on 4EB, our ethnic radio station, in German, as part of the German and French course I was doing as a mature student at Queensland University. We discussed some research we'd done on neo-nazis.

I once got interviewed for a program on anti-racists when I was a member of the Ipswich Anti-Racist Committee fighting against Pauline Hanson, a racist MP in the 90s. I never heard it broadcast though.

My sons met the Governor General, Quentin Bryce, when they got their army commissions - does that count? And I've met the previous PM, Kevin Rudd, plus the current one, Julia Gillard, but that's just because I'm a Labour Party member.

Oh gawd, reading through this I look like a real leftie - probably 'cos I am!!

PoppaRob Sun 22-May-11 09:27:57

Through my musical instrument making I've met a few musicians of note. I built a tenor guitar for Warren Ellis who plays with Nick Cave. Both really nice guys despite their mean werewolfish PR personas. I was expecting real prats with attitude but found guys who were total gentlemen. I built a baritone ukulele for Johnny Turnbull (Blockheads, Geldof, Dave Stewart, Paul Young, World Party) some years ago. Johnny spent the day at my place and my then wife and I spent time backstage with the band when World Party were supportng Steely Dan. Karl Wallinger from World Party had had an aneurism and I'd had a stroke, so we did lots of comparing of notes about our health issues. Once again very nice and very normal people. I still keep in touch with Johnny so I guess I could rate him somewhere between friend and acquaintance.

Not so much claims to fame as having left the world in slightly better nick than I found it, I ran the junior section of our surf life saving club for almost ten years, until I got roped into being club president. That ended when I had my health dramas in 1999. I guess the one I'm proudest of is my time with the Motor Neurone Society of South Australia in the mid 1980s. A close mate had MND and was hoping to get a support group going here in South Australia similar to the groups in other states. He came to me for help, so I helped with the initial planning and research, ended up being chairman for the first five years until I'd had enough and passed the baton on. Through MND I met Sarah Ferguson who spoke at a national conference and was thanked and congratulated on the phone by Frank Clifford-Rose (he's a kind of god amongst neurologists) and Stephen Hawking (with help from his computer!) for some work I did pushing through some beaurocratic red tape to help several of our patients.

glammanana Sun 22-May-11 23:13:13

In the early sixties five friends and I spent most lunch times at the
Cavern with loads of others,we danced and sang along with Beatles,
Jerry and PM, Undertakers Mo-Jos and all the other groups at the time
we where supposed to be training at Telephone Exchange but escaped
at every opportunity

numberplease Tue 07-Jun-11 17:48:36

I`ve got two claims to fame. When I was just a few months old, my mother and auntie took me to Morecambe for the day. They bumped into George Formby (anybody remember him?) and he held me for a few minutes.
Then in 1997, I appeared on the CH4 quiz show Fifteen-to-One. I didn`t win, far from it, but I wasn`t the first out either!

GrannyTunnocks Tue 07-Jun-11 18:08:34

I have had my photo taken with rod stewart, james martin and nick nairn. Not at the same time of course.