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toothfairy Wed 25-May-11 13:52:53

When someone asks you " does this suit me "
do you say what you really think or what they want to hear?

HildaW Wed 25-May-11 14:06:29

Depends who they are but you can usually find one good thing to say about most things.

I did work for posh end fashion where 'our ladies' did expect, if not honesty, then at least a certain tactful constructive criticism - and anyway they would return it jolly quick if they felt it was not right so there was no point fibbing. So I was able to say things like...well its quite good but have you though about such and such...knowing that my suggestion would be a better fit or colour.

Perhaps its because of this that my daughters rarely ask me!

glassortwo Wed 25-May-11 14:07:46

If I was out shopping with a friend I would tell it as it is!

But if I was asked when on a day/night out I would not want to spoil it for that person as they must have thought they looked ok to go out in the outfit, but would at a later date gently mention that that colour/style did not compliment them!

This is probably the wrong answer as tact is not one of my strong points.

toothfairy Wed 25-May-11 14:11:06

My friend asked me did i like a flower vase she had,not wanting to hurt her feelings i said yes ' didn't like it one bit ' " do take it,i never liked it"
she replied...Whoopsshock

PoppaRob Wed 25-May-11 14:11:18

I'm a guy - you just have to look at our face and you'll know what we really think.

Notsogrand Wed 25-May-11 15:44:25

Christmas morning 1966......2 weeks before birth of first DD, and HUGE. I spent ages getting ready to go to MIL for Important Family Dinner. Asked DH how I looked. He replied 'From the neck up, gorgeous' smile

nanafrancis Wed 25-May-11 15:59:57

I do try and find something positive to say if I think whatever doesn't suit them but my friends only ask me my opinion when they really want to know what I think.
If they don't want to know, they don't ask me! I know my friends rely on me for a truthful opinion, as I do them.
If they look good in something, I say so without being asked. And they do the same for me.
If I'm wearing something they don't like, but I do, then I wear it regardless. I'm too old to be bothered to dress to please others wink

HildaW Wed 25-May-11 19:24:32

lol Notsogrand.....bit like my darling Mum.....who when I used to ask about any new hair cut I had.....would say..........'Its lovely........from the back!'......but hey ho..............I'd give anything for her to still be around to say such things.

Granieee Fri 27-May-11 09:17:53

Hello all
My daughter always asks me to go shopping with her, she is the only one I feel that I can really be honest with. I pull a funny face and she says ok mum I'll take it off. I let her go into the changing room with her choice, then I shoot off and get alternatives!! She keeps asking me so maybe it works.
Other people?? Weeeeeeeell, if I can stop them buying something that is really awful I will, but if they have it on and I can see that they feel lovely, then a little white lie does no harm.
Love and hugs

granmo Sat 28-May-11 10:20:10

my daughter comes shopping with me and she will me me if a outfit dosent suit me i value her advise and i do the same with her i wouldnt want someone to lie to me and i go out thinking i look alright while others are looking at me and thinking the oppisite .
i think itss best to be honest .

lionlilac Tue 31-May-11 14:48:06

Try to be diplomatic but always tell the truth.