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Cultural differences

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Eleanorre Sat 28-May-11 23:00:20

My daughter is in Sweden and sent me this
kultur krock (cultural misunderstanding ) of the day. In Sweden, Baby Bio is a cinema showing where babies are welcome.
Thought it was lovely , a bit like growbags for babies.

Joan Sun 29-May-11 08:27:55

The link doesn't show on my screen.

Talking about cultural differences, my DIL-to-be is ethnically Cantonese. They speak exclusively Cantonese at her home, and I've managed to persuade her to make any children they have, bilingual. She's a lovely girl, and she told us that once they are married, in her culture she will be regarded as our actual daughter, not just our DIL. Of course, our son then reckoned it would mean he was committing incest!!

My husband would have loved to have a daughter, but we only managed to have two sons, so now he will get his wish.