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The cringe-ingly sucking up look on these people's faces....

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jinglej Thu 27-Oct-11 12:40:03

and how you know exactly the same look would be on yours if you were ever in the same circumstances! grin

jinglej Thu 27-Oct-11 12:40:26

eggmayo Thu 27-Oct-11 12:58:15

lol jingle! Your caption makes the whole story quite funny to read

Hattie64 Sat 29-Oct-11 18:56:53

What a bunch of 'brown nosers' I would never be in the same circumstances.

Stansgran Sat 29-Oct-11 19:02:20

didn't see it but a pretty girl with a smile cheers people up-remember her mil

crimson Sun 30-Oct-11 11:57:07

Touching the King's evil I belive it's called. Diana understood that and so do Kate and William, even though it is a throw back to medieval times.