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Young Apprentice Cushion?

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ChrissyBassett Wed 16-Nov-11 09:25:08

I'm not sure if I am posting in the right forum but I was trying to find the cushion that featured on the Young Apprentice the other night. Can anyone help?!

shysal Wed 16-Nov-11 09:54:50

I also have been unable to find this cushion. The manufacturer is given as Pilko pump pant, but a google search does not find the correct product. It did find an amusing video advertising trousers with inflatable cushion attached at the rear. confused It seems the inventor , Karl Pilkington, is famous for thinking up wacky products.I suspect the cushion has appeared on TV shopping channels.

Annobel Wed 16-Nov-11 09:54:57

This looks a bit like it and seems to do the same things, though a bit more expensive:

ChrissyBassett Wed 16-Nov-11 11:13:32

Thank you for your replies, but, my now rather smug son, found it within a few seconds of searching along with a nice round up of the other products on that episode here,

yogagran Wed 16-Nov-11 23:07:40

It's also available from Amazon for £10

although I haven't investigated postage charges so I can't make a direct comparison

shysal Thu 17-Nov-11 08:23:18

Free postage , so Amazon it is!. Ordered one for now, if I like it I will order a few for presents.

yogagran Thu 17-Nov-11 22:54:15

I'd be interested to know what you think of it Shysal, please let us know

shysal Wed 23-Nov-11 08:54:57

My cushion has arrived! I am sorry to say that it is very hard on the backside when sitting, so I shall continue to use my Dunlopillow donut except perhaps for travelling (I have suffered from piles since the birth of my first child in 1970, and at long last have plucked up courage to have HALO treatment next month blush).
The cushion does mould into shapes for supporting neck or arm, so may come in useful. I shall not be buying more for presents.

Elegran Wed 23-Nov-11 09:13:32

Neither will I. Smaller than I expected too.

yogagran Wed 23-Nov-11 20:44:38

That's really disappointing, they looked so good in the pictures sad