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Those awful songs!

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susiecb Thu 17-Nov-11 09:02:52

I have just seen a clip of a young persons choir to be televised on Children in Need tomorrow night which is lovely BUT why oh why do they have to sing these turgid modern songs where everyone is always 'holdin on' what to I ask? People are always a 'shining star - ah - ah' and 'have made it thorugh the rain' or some such other drivel. Is it me?

Mishap Thu 17-Nov-11 10:00:57

Yes - I just saw this. I do understand why he does it - he is trying not to put them off at the first hurdle by presenting them with a style that is unfamiliar to them - he always seems to try and start off with something that they might know (never heard it myself, but there we are!). I am unsure as to whether this is wise really - in fact pop songs of that style are quite difficult to sing well because the rhythms are often quite offbeat, and there is a closed throat technique required which is actually very bad for voice production - I call it "vomit singing" as it uses the gagged throat that happens when you spew! Singing pop songs with a proper voice technique can often sound weedy and really very naff.
He is very weird in his song choices - when he introduced a "classical" song to the army wives, he chose a bit of plainchant - difficult to sing/tune, not instantly appealing, and intended for men!
He should get them going on some African chants - easy, fun and with a beat!
Yes - the words are surely drivel!
But, from my point of view, anything that gets people singing has to have a tick by it.

glammanana Thu 17-Nov-11 10:52:57

You are quite right mishap I think he is getting the interest of the youngsters as it may not be cool to be singing the more traditional type of song and anything that will hold the interest and keep them singing is worth doing,once they have lost that initial shyness they will respond to the more traditional songs, but any singing is worthwhile and so weldone to these youngsters for getting involved,so many of our youngsters are slated for not doing something worthwhile and these youngpeople should be applauded as should their mentors.

susiecb Thu 17-Nov-11 15:46:30

My point was that the lyrics of the songs are awful

shysal Thu 17-Nov-11 16:26:13

I love the current music, and don't find the words any more awful than those from songs in the past ( e.g. 'mares eat oats' etc.)
I listen to radio 1 , and know the melodies and words to most of the songs in the charts, which makes me feel more in touch with the younger members of my family.

Hunt Fri 18-Nov-11 15:31:28

My daughter came home from her secondary school and said ''We learned a lovely new song today'' .''Oh, yes ''I said ,''and what was that then?'' I was expecting something modern to please the young when she said''It's called The Ash Grove''...... Good old National song Book and three cheers for the teacher.