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Burns' Night

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Ariadne Sat 19-Nov-11 15:12:41

Never mind Christmas - himself is already getting the next Burns' supper organised! Being an ex-pat Scot, he does an awful lot of Immortal Memories...Anyway, some one has asked if there could be a lighter alternative to cranachan. And I said I knew some people who'd have lots of suggestions, so can you help, please, Gransnetters? Thank you!

kittylester Sat 19-Nov-11 16:22:24

Little lemon cream jellies are a light pudding if served in silicone cupcake cases and look lovely massed together for serving.

Way off topic, I know, but my husband proposed on Burns' Night. Neither of us are Scottish but had been 'persuaded' by a friend to go along to the celebrations. I didn't believe he meant it as we had only met on 19th December and a few drinks had been taken! He rang the next morning to check I really had agreed! Our children are always citing our speed in getting engaged and married when we suggest caution would be a good thing! grin

absentgrana Sat 19-Nov-11 17:06:51

I haven't celebrated Burns' Night since I was in my twenties and that was because my flat mate had a Scottish boyfriend (whom she later married). It might be fun to do it again.

How about Honey Ice Cream?

Beat 6 egg yolks until light and fluffy. Bring 150 ml clear heather honey just to the boil over a low heat, then remove from the heat and leave to cool slightly. Pour the honey over the beaten egg yolks, whisking constantly, then whisk in 425 ml double cream. Pour the mixture into a pan and heat gently, stirring constantly, until thickened but remove from the heat just before it boils. Pour the honey custard into a freezerproof container and leave to cool, whisking occasionally to prevent a skin from forming. Cover and freeze for 2 hours, then remove from the freezer and whisk well to break up any ice crystals. Return to the freezer and freeze until firm.

To serve, remove from the freezer about 10 minutes before the ice cream is required. Put a scoop into each individual serving dish, pour over a little Drambuie and top with a little single cream, then serve

Ariadne Sat 19-Nov-11 18:13:56

Brilliant! Thank you.

absentgrana Sat 19-Nov-11 19:50:09

Not sure if you're referring to my post Ariadne, but if so – it's a pleasure. smile

Ariadne Sun 20-Nov-11 12:03:00

I think both ideas are great but, as it's a big function, I shall talk firmly to the caterers with recipes in hand. We'll have to have cranachan for the die hards, of course. So - thanks again. thanks

Annobel Sun 20-Nov-11 12:48:07

I think I'd have the drambuie ice cream and the cranachan! grin

Granny23 Sun 20-Nov-11 13:28:39

Been to umpteen Burns Suppers and never been offered a pudding. It is usually oatcakes and cheese ( Dunlop Cheese as it is from Ayrshire) with some fresh fruit, usually grapes, home made or bought shortbread, and sometimes Mrs Tilly's Tablet with the coffee.