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Who is hiding things in my flat?

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Greatnan Sat 26-Nov-11 09:18:54

I have just turned out my large bag of socks and tights,looking for my flight socks, and found the knee bandages I lost last month. Now, I am absolutely certain that I searched that bag thoroughly, so who has been in my flat hiding things?
I remember this happening to my mother, and how amusing we all found it!

Gally Sat 26-Nov-11 09:42:34

It happens all the time in this house - poltergeist maybe? grin

nannysgetpaid Sat 26-Nov-11 09:56:04

It happens here as well, but we usually lose things, not find them. Did find the teapot in the fridge though. I swear somebody must have put it there. DH reckons it's me losing the plot.!!!!!!!!!!!

glammanana Sat 26-Nov-11 10:34:45

I bought some nice new t-towels for Christmas and spent two days looking for them,I found them in the freezer underneath the veg,must have picked them up all together,they where stiff as board and when defrosted had to be rewashed and pressed,every year I look for Christmas dec's I lost quite a few years ago when I put them somewhere safe !!! even though we have moved since then I am opptomistic that they may re-appear in one of the decoration boxes confused

Annobel Sat 26-Nov-11 10:48:30

I swear that I bought a pack of smoked salmon the other day but can I find it? Looked in the fridge, the freezer, under everything, in the car boot. Now I am wondering if I really bought it! But can I find the receipt?

bagitha Sat 26-Nov-11 12:35:57

glam, I'm the same with xmas decs. I pack them all away carefully and label the box in big letters, then I put the box somewhere safe. It's usually so safe I can't find it without much searching. I think I put it in the loft last time, but it might be in that top cupboard that I can't reach without a ladder........ and so it goes.

gracesmum Sat 26-Nov-11 13:58:45

Oh it is so reassuring to know that if I am losing the plot I am not alone.

gracesmum Sat 26-Nov-11 14:05:08

Pressed "post" too soon. Worst ever was a few months ago when I could not find an emerald ring DH bought me in the days when we could afford such things. Basically I have a sapphire from my Mum, a ruby ring from DH and the emerald (not boasting, the jeweller was literally selling them half price as he was closing down) and I wear one and keep the other 2 in ring boxes in the filing cabinet. One day I went to swap rings and one box was empty. I knew we hadn't been burgled, I hadn't been wearing it out and lost it but of course I could not admit this. I looked under all the furniture (found a pair of shoes-bonus!) under beds, down the back of radiator everywhere and then thought well if I keep quiet maybe he'll never ask.
It did turn up, mixed up with some beads in a box of costume jewellery, and I was very relieved.

bagitha Sat 26-Nov-11 14:16:13

The worst ones are when I ask where my hat is and it's on my head! Or my sunglasses, and I'm wearing them! Bad case!!

supernana Sat 26-Nov-11 14:40:44

bagitha grin and how about standing in a queue in a busy London post office and on glancing down, discovering that proper shoes still in the rack back at DS's flat, and carpet slippers...all threadbare and sloppy, out on the town instead? I blamed the glitch on the wee man wink

Gally Sat 26-Nov-11 15:37:46

Oh yes Baggy the specs! I have them by the computer, in the bedroom, in the kitchen, in the car and in the handbag but can I ever find a pair?Mostly they're found on top of my head or somewhere ridiculous like on the top of the loo or in the coal bucket confused

supernana Sat 26-Nov-11 15:39:08

Gally grin

Greatnan Sat 26-Nov-11 17:45:09

The annoying part is when you can actually remember standing with something in your hand and thinking 'Now, I will put this in this safe place so I will have no trouble finding it'.
Considering I live in a 24 sq. metre flat, you wouldn't think it was possible to lose anything.

bagitha Sat 26-Nov-11 17:51:45

I like the coal bucket one, gally grin. We used to find the post in the coal bunker before we told the postman just to open the wash-house door and put it on top of the freezer. It's too much of a trek for him to go to the front door and anyway there's no letter-box even if he did. When were front door letter-boxes introduced?

Just off to find out....... Back sun as christopher Robin would say.

Faye Sun 27-Nov-11 00:20:26

I lost a bag of twenty freddo frogs last week. I bought them and I know there were still some left in another bag in the fridge. It was terrible, I could not find them and I had finished off the bag in the fridge. My daughter thinks I ate all of them and have forgotten. hmm

Greatnan Sun 27-Nov-11 00:29:23

It doesn't only happen to grans - my daughter bought so many toys for her grand-daughter that she forgot where she had put one big bag. It surfaced in March, and the toys were much appreciated because the gloss had worn off the ones given at Christmas. She intends to hold some back again this year, as it was so successful, always supposing she can find them.

Oxon70 Sun 27-Nov-11 06:35:01

Has anyone tried putting things where you know you will look for them?
Works (sometimes) for me!

Greatnan Sun 27-Nov-11 06:55:14

But I swear I did look in the right place and they weren't there until they suddenly reappeared yesterday. I blame gremlins.
At least I have never lost my glasses - I am so short-sighted that I put them on before I get out of bed, and only take them off to wash my face, until I get back into bed. They are polychromatic, so I don't need sun glasses.
This is not necessarily an age thing though - my sister has been losing things all her life. Before she had a mobile phone, she used to go into public telephone kiosks quite often to ring for a taxi (she doesn't drive). She has lost count of the number of items she has left there, or on buses - handbags (how can you forget your handbag?), umbrellas, bags of shopping......I used to tease her about it, but I think I will keep quiet in future.
The most frequently asked questions in most houses I know are : 1. where are my car keys and 2. where is the remote? My car key is on my house key ring which I have to use to lock the door of my flat, so I never lose it but the remotes (one TV, one digibox) sometimes inexplicably find their way under the setteee.

Oxon70 Sun 27-Nov-11 07:34:18

My car keys are always in a pocket....but which one? I don't do handbags, so can't lose them. So I have to have lots of pockets.
Haven't lost the remote yet (famous last words).
Glasses - ah. I had a pair of varifocals, and they disappeared for months, in their case, and reappeared in the same room later. I think it was because I didn't like them.

Some categories of things either disappear or pop up from nowhere.
Biros I have to restock pretty often. They just walk. But rubber bands I have never had to buy. (I think they mate, somewhere out of sight, and spawn.)

bagitha Sun 27-Nov-11 07:39:30

I left a handbag on a train once. Had my hands (and head) full of small kids and changing trains. I realised I didn't have it when I got off the second train in my mum's town. Asked the station master (they had them in those days) to phone down the line and catch it. I knew which seat in which carriage it was under, you see. They caught it at Crewe and sent it back the next day after they'd done some paperwork.

So I thought "phew!" Meanwhile hub and my mum were having kittens about it so I let them and went calmly on my way.

Oxon70 Sun 27-Nov-11 08:01:21

That must have been a long time ago Bagitha.

Oxon70 Sun 27-Nov-11 08:03:56

I mean - a stationmaster?

bagitha Sun 27-Nov-11 08:12:00

Little Lancashire backwater with one employee smile. only kept its station at all because it was on the way to Blackpool! I call him a stationmaster! grin

jingl Sun 27-Nov-11 09:00:28

I think a family of Borrowers have moved into my house. Specs seems to be their thing of the moment. hmm

Greatnan Sun 27-Nov-11 09:44:11

At least if you live with someone you can blame them for moving your things - I have nobody to blame!