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bagitha Tue 29-Nov-11 09:54:30

I'm overwhelmed!

Thank you for the birthday wishes and greetings everybody!
it's quite something to sit down to breakfast, check into GN and find your name 'up in lights' on your birthday.

Gosh again!

Thank you again! Made my day! smile

jingl Tue 29-Nov-11 10:56:11

Ah! That's good! smile x

Annika Tue 29-Nov-11 10:57:08


jingl Tue 29-Nov-11 11:05:43

Baggy - I put three cupcakes on so that I can have one. smile

bagitha Tue 29-Nov-11 12:18:13

I'm having a few one of these cupcake now, along with a brew. When can I start on the wine? Plenty of cupcake brew and wine for everyone; you have all been so generous smile!

Join the party!

jingl Tue 29-Nov-11 12:20:50

Yum! smile

supernana Tue 29-Nov-11 12:36:25

About to put on my pretty party clothes. Isn't it lovely to cyber-celebrate smile

Annobel Tue 29-Nov-11 13:05:12

Dancing shoes coming out of the cupboard any time now. wine cupcake brew

glammanana Tue 29-Nov-11 13:36:43

Just finishing drying my hair and finishing touches to make-up and off we go to the party.winesmile

supernana Tue 29-Nov-11 13:44:13

See you very

bagitha Tue 29-Nov-11 13:57:21

I think there are enough of us here to open the wine now. Cheers!

supernana Tue 29-Nov-11 14:06:27

Slainte! Bagitha

syberia Tue 29-Nov-11 14:18:09

shall we listen to some music too?

Greatnan Tue 29-Nov-11 14:53:51

I am having a Buck's Fizz, and raising a glass to you, Bagitha!

numberplease Tue 29-Nov-11 15:45:29

Many Happy Returns of the Day!

bikergran Wed 30-Nov-11 11:49:18

oh heck!! sems I have missed the party tut!!

* belated BIRTHDAY GREETINGS bagitha *

hope you had a wonderfull day smile thanks