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Christmas All Wrapped Up!

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Bunch Sat 03-Dec-11 15:58:32

This is quite sad really but I have just wrapped my first Christmas present using Marks and Spencer wrapping paper, and I am so excited I had to share it!
Now, if you are anything like me there will no doubt be things you can do either adequately or really quite well, but the one thing you may not be able to do is cut your wrapping paper in a straight line. Well, M&S have solved the problem. On the reverse side of their paper they have printed a grid allowing you cut your paper whichever way you want in a perfectly straight line. I love 'em. If you want perfectly cut paper then M&S is for you! Unless anyone knows of anyone else who does the same? Whatever, happy wrapping...

shysal Sat 03-Dec-11 17:33:37

What a great idea, my cutting lines always go off course. I use a Scotch cutting tool which is great but no help in that way.

kittylester Sat 03-Dec-11 18:15:00

I think lots of wrapping paper have a grid now! My Cancer research ones last year did (well the expensive rolls!) and the ones I bought this year, from different charities, do too.

Notsogrand Sat 03-Dec-11 18:20:32

Oh Bunch that would make me happy too, it's not at all sad!
I normally fold and get a sharp crease then use the blade of a veg knife to slice through the fold. Much neater edges than with scissors.
It all starts to feel 'real' once you start wrapping doesn't it? smile

Oxon70 Sat 03-Dec-11 18:48:48

Oh, don't do this to me! I can't ever wrap things until the last minute!

Annobel Sat 03-Dec-11 19:06:31

Ditto, Oxon. But this week I have to, since my family are going to be here at the weekend and will transport bags and bags of presents back to Didcot and I will follow by train just before Christmas. I am useless at present wrapping and no amount of glitzy paper and tinsel are enough to disguise my ineptitude. blush

yogagran Sat 03-Dec-11 20:24:03

Oh how I wish I was more organised - I haven't even got presents to wrap yet sad
That wrapping paper with grid lines on the back sounds an excellent idea - must have been thought up by a woman.....

NannaAnna Sat 03-Dec-11 22:43:29

You're not alone yogagran I haven't bought a single Christmas present yet!
I tend to think I should be allowed to have my birthday first before Christmas eclipses it. Only trouble is ... my birthday is December 22nd!! Doesn't give me much time to prepare for Christmas hmm

grannyactivist Sun 04-Dec-11 00:08:27

I have a daughter who could get a job wrapping presents. Her Christmas gifts are always exquisite works of art and make me feel reluctant to open them and ruin the effect.
I, on the other hand, really don't worry too much about cutting in straight lines or having neat looking gifts - I'm just always relieved when the job's done. smile

nannym Sun 04-Dec-11 07:08:21

NannaAnna I feel the same as you, Christmas can wait until after my birthday, luckily I have more time than you as mine is this Thursday smile

bagitha Sun 04-Dec-11 07:55:33

GA, I have a daughter like that too! And I feel the same way about job done! smile Grid lines, yes!!