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Choccies advent calendars

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jingl Sun 04-Dec-11 11:10:55

Does anyone else find that the tiny bit you get just gives you a longing for more, more, more!!! (was in a panic this morning cos couldn't find number 4)

We torture our grandkids with these, don't we?!


they are very sensible shocking and eat them all in one go. grin

kittylester Sun 04-Dec-11 12:16:15

I'm a meany and don't buy chocolate ones. Youngest daughter's work colleagues didn't believe the non-chocolate ones really existed! shock I like typing "f" in front of emoticons - it makes me feel as though I am swearing smile

crimson Sun 04-Dec-11 12:24:59

I won't give the chocolate ones either; takes away the whole meaning of advent calendars and I don't like them eating chocolate first thing in the morning [especially if they're going to school afterwards]. By the way, thanks to whoever put up the link for the Jacquie Lawson advent calendar; my two grandsons absolutely love it! We rather go to town on advent stuff; got the playmobil one and a train with a draw for each day. Biggest disappointment ever was the Ninja turtle one from way back; my son was so disappointed to find pictures of pizzas etc each day.

jingl Sun 04-Dec-11 13:19:36

It does, doesn't it Kitty! grin

I didn't give one to them this year. They gave me one. [bless their cotton socks emoti] smile

crimson Sun 04-Dec-11 13:50:52

Then you DO have to eat all the chocolate in one go, which amounts to probably half of a very small bar of chocolate [if that]. One tiny iota of chocolate gets me wanting to eat it for the rest of the day. Someone gave me a very large block of chocolate the other morning and I [I'm ashamed to say blush] ate the whole lot.

Anne58 Sun 04-Dec-11 18:01:27

I have never (and never will) buy a chocolate filled adent calendar. The traditional ones with pictures are (imo) the best!

Learnergrandma Sun 04-Dec-11 18:06:38

This is the first year - for the last quarter of a century, anyway, that I have NOT bought an advent calendar - I was just thinking of that as I trudged around ASDA and it made me quite miserable! But really, 25 is just too old for one, as I keep telling DD1.

Anne58 Sun 04-Dec-11 18:12:12

I have to confess to doing an on-line one at work!

Most days there is some totally pointless (but strangely addictive) game to play,such as Elf Bowling.

Perhaps you could send your 25 year old DD a link to it?

Have a look at the Storm Internet hosting site.

Learnergrandma Sun 04-Dec-11 18:46:32

Oh this looks like a bit of fun Phoenix, thanks (but DD1 will want to know when she will get the chocolate....)

kittylester Sun 04-Dec-11 19:57:54

Eating the chocolate all at once is much better for your teeth grin

Ariadne Sun 04-Dec-11 20:24:22

The Jacquie Lawson online ones are still enchanting! -smile

susiecb Mon 05-Dec-11 09:13:06

Well I love my Cadburys advent calendar its the only chocolate I have had since September!I gave my GS a John Lewis gingerbread cookie one and he was so happy he hugged it he takes it to school for his snack - dont care if its poitically incorrect according to the food police I love it when he's happy!

jingl Mon 05-Dec-11 09:15:46

Oh! I would have sooo liked to have got one of those for my two susie! Haven't been into town for a while due to aches and pains. I'm missing it all! sad

harrigran Tue 06-Dec-11 00:09:16

My sister brought me an advent calendar from Germany, I get a delicious piece of chocolate marzipan every day smile

Granny23 Tue 06-Dec-11 01:44:56

There is a story in the Herald today about a woman who "arrived home to find all the windows and doors open and everything gone".

Apparently her OH cannot resist an advent calendar!

grannyactivist Tue 06-Dec-11 12:59:35

Granny23 gringrin