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What are you up to while chatting on Gransnet?

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Carol Thu 15-Dec-11 12:34:11

Is it just me, or do you find you are leaving Gransnet on more and more, and coming back for another little chat? This morning, I have had my laptop on in the sitting room, whilst pottering in the kitchen, wrapping a few Christmas presents, loading the washing machine, playing with the dog, having a quick vac round, and now I've put Loose Women on while I have some lunch and yet another nosy around the forums. Going to make some bread for visitors' lunch tomorrow, but I will be back for more.......

jingl Thu 15-Dec-11 12:39:37

I've been trying to do my tree, and get the furniture rearranged to suit! hmm

First the lights were well tangled, then the electric adaptor didn't work and I had to scour the house to try and steal another one.........!!

Still haven't got the room straight.

harrigran Thu 15-Dec-11 12:42:06

I am eating my lunch, I know it is not good for the digestion.

Gally Thu 15-Dec-11 15:23:23

My laptop is on a desk in the kitchen and every time I walk around the central aisle - from the sink to the sofa, or the cooker to the back door, I have a wee diversion towards the desk - I think Mr Gally is a bit fed up with how long I spend - maybe I'll add 'must try to limit time on GN' to my New Year Resolution List - I just don't want to miss anything exciting, like a good punch-up or advice on how to fillet a kipper or whatever grin
Jingl I do hope you have disentangled yourself by now?

nanachrissy Thu 15-Dec-11 15:27:30

Drinking tea and eating biscuits usually!

Annobel Thu 15-Dec-11 16:04:15

Having a nice brew and thinking of the stollen bites which I have put in the freezer to protect myself from over-indulgence.hmm

tanith Thu 15-Dec-11 16:29:53

I'm with Gally my computer is on 24/7 in fact I only turn it off if I'm going away so I can pop in and out whenever I have a free minute/hour!! Mind I'm also checking Facebook , e-mail and several other sites too.. grin

susiecb Thu 15-Dec-11 16:34:51

I was defrosting the polar ice cap in my freezer whilst on here this morning, the other day naplaming the oven. I've usually got one or two jobs on, often sit here either with my hair drying or in a few rollers, this afternoon nothing waiting for DH to go to bowls so I can watch another Sex and the City episode with a G & Tsmile.

harrigran Thu 15-Dec-11 16:55:42

Defrosting a freezer, that is something I haven't done for years. I am terribly lazy about the oven, I put one of those sheets in to catch the crud then just clean the sheet. when the oven gets really bad I tell DH it is broken and we get a new one grin

syberia Thu 15-Dec-11 17:46:25

harrigran you are so funny smile

gracesmum Thu 15-Dec-11 17:57:32

Love it harrigran!
I am so glad I am not the only person who keeps being drawn back to the laptop! If I want to get anything done I am going to have to hide it away in the spare room or out in the freezing cold garage. smile

petallus Thu 15-Dec-11 18:51:43

I'm glad this came up because I've been wondering if I'm addicted to Gransnet. I must come on to the website at least ten times a day to have a look at what is being said. It's so interesting. Usually, I'm sitting drinking tea or eating a sandwich at the same time.

jingl Thu 15-Dec-11 21:55:41

harrigran! You get a new cooker every time yours get dirty?!!! shock

Are you a footballer's wife?!

jingl Thu 15-Dec-11 21:57:37

Once, I shut the door on my 'puter room and piled several items of furniture in front of it.

I dismantled it all though.

glassortwo Thu 15-Dec-11 22:08:40

harri oven pride is cheaper grin

You have to admit you have a problem to face up to your addiction so no I dont have a problem spending 23.5 hours a day on Gransnet grin

harrigran Thu 15-Dec-11 23:22:23

Oven pride !! I would have to put gloves on and actually do some work.
No jingl DH is far too old to be a footballer but he is a millionaire and I am very kind to him wink

grannyactivist Thu 15-Dec-11 23:25:05

Right now I'm flitting between sites trying to choose my new laptop; the one with a microphone and webcam so that I'm ready for next year's singalong. grin

em Thu 15-Dec-11 23:54:33

I'm with Harrigran - (although I don't have a pet millionaire at the moment). A while after I'd had my new kitchen installed I was complimented on how clean it was and asked if I had any hints on how to keep it so clean. My reply was 'Do as little cooking as possible!'

jingl Fri 16-Dec-11 10:04:05

harrigran envy

jingl Fri 16-Dec-11 10:04:18


jingl Fri 16-Dec-11 10:06:01

I've just sorted out the airing cupboard. Found bath mats that went missing months ago. Bit out of sorts at the moment so came on here while heart rate gets back to normal! shock

grannyactivist Fri 16-Dec-11 15:04:26

How's your heart rate now jings? I think you need to put your feet up until the party tonight - and leave the 'sorting out'/housework type stuff until you're feeling better. This is what you need now: brewcupcake. smile

HildaW Fri 16-Dec-11 15:12:08

Am having a 'me' day today whilst DH has popped to the Metropolis and wont be back till well past my bed-time. So am doing all those messy little pre-Chrimbo jobs that you think only take a few mins but actually take all day...marzipanning cake, making stuffing (it then goes in freezer till C.eve.) wrapping his pressies etc etc. As I wont have to do any real meals today have the freedom to live in a mess all day. Beans on toast for lunch is almost a treat and having nibbled few bits of marzipan (rest of the off cuts I've made into 'potatoes') my sugar levels are pretty high!

glammanana Fri 16-Dec-11 15:20:20

Even though we live in a supported housing apartment last year when we had a new kitchen fitted the partnership let us decide where the units and workspace were to be fitted for our best convienience,the fitter very kindly fitted me a small worktop space between fridge/freezer and sink where I can place my laptop and fit a nice gas lift stool so I can do any cooking and keep watch as to what is going on on GN,I did not arrange it on purpose honestly,so I am now cooking the chilli for dinner tonight and keeping up with what is going on in the GNers world,sorted grin

jingl Fri 16-Dec-11 16:01:05

I am having my usual Christmas breakdown today.

The living room is covered in pine needles (it's a "needlefast tree" fgs!! hmm), cardboard boxes, and various bits of Xmas tat accumulated through too many garden centre visits. hmm

The dining table, the spare bed and a fair bit of floor space is covered in unwrapped Chrissie pressies (mostly for grandkids). And I just want a mince pie and the Co-op is a five minute walk away. I can't do five minutes!!

There's the cake to marzipan and ice, and the homemade pastries still to do.

I was really organised at the beginning of November. Or so I thought.

Miles to go before I sleep....... (unless I hit the bottle of Christmas rum now)