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New year resolutions.....

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nanapug Tue 27-Dec-11 16:22:34

I have decided this year to not make any New Year Resolutions, but rather to make a list of things I would like to achieve this year. I feel resolutions tend to be setting yourself up to fail, but nice positive realistic plans are more encouraging.
What plans do you all have for 2012?
My main one is to gut the kitchen and totally revamp it (well not me personally!!). On that note, does any one know how much cheap storage is for some furniture I will need to store for a while while all this is going on?

GranG Tue 27-Dec-11 17:36:22

Hello nanapug. Can't help with the storage information I'm afraid, but I do agree with you on NY resolutions. Saying what you want to achieve specifically is a really great way of getting things done.
This year I planned to join a choir and although I had to wait until the summer for this to happen, it was fun doing the research and achieving new things.
Next year GrandadG and I are hoping to relearn Bridge and join the local Ramblers Association.
Happy New Year Everyone wine

Seventimesfive Wed 28-Dec-11 14:47:07

Nanapug Great idea to have positive achievements to aim for. As my father died this year at the age of 93 I think my youngest daughter has just realised that I am getting older. Although only 68 and despite a hip replacement this year and a recent very painful Achilles tendon I am very active and always looking to do new things.

My daughter is anxious that I should not descend into just sitting (some hopes, given my grandchildminding commitments!) and is encouraging me to modernise and redecorate the bathroom and kitchen and has offered to help, so how can I refuse?

I also want to find an Art History Course, enrol for Tai Chi, spend lots of time volunteering at the Globe Theatre, go up in a hot air balloon, revisit Venice and New York, see the Northern Lights, travel the Silk Road and read Proust but I may not manage them all this coming year. In fact some of these things are on my things-to-do-before-I-die list. Does anyone else have one of these? I don't find it morbid to have this list, rather an encouragement to keep interested in life and keep looking forward. Oh! Just thought of another one - to learn more about physics! Thanks, Brian Cox!

em Wed 28-Dec-11 15:05:59

Off on a tangent, but just wanted to say to 7x7, that if you are one of the lovely volunteers at Shakespeare's Globe, then I want to say thank you to you and your colleagues. Had a wonderful morning there in the summer!

gracesmum Wed 28-Dec-11 16:10:13

I don't like the sound of these "bucket lists" (Hyacinth?) or "x" things to do before you die.
What happens when you get to the end of the list?
You die?
No thanks!

Seventimesfive Wed 28-Dec-11 17:08:05

em Yes, I am! Hope to see you there again before too long! gracesmum The thing is, I never do get to the end of the list, I'm always adding!

em Wed 28-Dec-11 17:22:06

7X7 I'll be avoiding London this summer but you may like to know that a trip to Stratford is planned!

goldengirl Thu 29-Dec-11 11:44:22

nanapug the charge for formal storage units depends on the size - the largest I saw [10 feet square] is quite expensive at around £200 a month but holds absolutely loads depending how you pack it. Take a look on the web at places such as Safestore - there are quite a few - and go for a visit and a chat. We did that and found it very helpful and there was no pressure.