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bagitha Mon 02-Jan-12 10:06:29

Does anyone else think David Mitchell is bonkers? He can be very funny but I've just tried to read his latest screed in the Guardian. Tried is the operative word.

Elegran Mon 02-Jan-12 10:09:23

He always seems hyper to me. As you say, he can be very funny, but also very tiring to listen to. I bet he is hell to live with.

kittylester Mon 02-Jan-12 10:11:51

We watched the Michael McIntyre Christmas Special and thought everyone was brilliant except David Mitchell. We couldn't understand it because he is always really funny on game/quiz shows. It's a bit baffling really!

bagitha Mon 02-Jan-12 10:16:01

Maybe he's manic as well as a maniac. A lot of comedians are manic depressives, apparently.

Elegran Mon 02-Jan-12 10:22:42

Michael McIntyre is another hyper comedian. Maybe he is manic too.

susiecb Mon 02-Jan-12 10:49:58

I do like David Mitchell but think he makes a better actor than stand up comedian. he comes over very well on the radio but he can be a bit smug and sneery so i think he has to watch that. Michael Mackintyre makes me laugh just by being- I think he is very funny and seems like a nice guy.

Greatnan Mon 02-Jan-12 10:51:26

I miss Morecambe and Wise , The Two Ronnies, Tommy Cooper and Les Dawson. Their humour was never cruel and you would start to smile as soon as you saw them.

Mishap Mon 02-Jan-12 17:37:07

I find him quite odd really - asexual and introspective. Definitely an oddball!

Butternut Mon 02-Jan-12 17:41:17

Lost on me, I'm afraid!

helshea Mon 02-Jan-12 18:29:33

I love David Mitchell - does anyone watch "would I lie to you" - funniest show on tv.

Carol Mon 02-Jan-12 18:58:39

Yes, I watch it regularly - so funny and the persona that David Mitchell has adopted - a lonely upper-class geek with no friends - is hilarious. He's very witty!

em Mon 02-Jan-12 19:27:39

Yes I loke that too and really enjoy his QI appearances where sometimes he gives Stephen Fry a run for his money!

Mishap Mon 02-Jan-12 19:41:20

I think that Would I Lie to You is funny in spite of and not because of David Mitchell - he gives me the creeps a bit.

em Mon 02-Jan-12 19:46:26

There are so many rather weird comedians around - and I don't think David Mitchell is the worst by any means. The one I find loathsome and always switch off now, is Frankie Boyle.

Carol Mon 02-Jan-12 19:52:42

Me too em - he's vile!

Greatnan Mon 02-Jan-12 20:03:32

Throw in Jimmy Carr too. Or rather, throw him out! If an alleged comedian has to descend to using disabled children as the butt of their 'jokes', they don't deserve to be heard.
My favourite programme is Have I got News for You - I love the interaction between Ian Hislop and Paul Merton. I have to confess that when Hislop took over the editorship of Private Eye at the age of 26, I was a tad apprehensive about the future of my favourite journal. However, he has proved to be very courageous and many of the stories PE has uncovered have proved to be true. At the moment, he is gunning for the chief of HMRC who has done deals with companies like Vodaphone that are costing the British tax payer millions of pounds.

NannaJeannie Mon 02-Jan-12 20:20:10

according to DH (who I asked to read the David Mitchell column, for I could not make sense of it either), all DM was doing was saying that, since most of the events of 2011 could not be forseen or would have seemed very unlikely if they had been forecast at the start of the year, he has now come up with some 'very unlikely' forecast events for 2012. Thereby allowing him to write what basically seems like rubbish right now. Just a licence to write garbage.
I like him actually.

Greatnan Mon 02-Jan-12 20:32:57

Many of the policies of the Monster Raving Loony Party have been adopted, such as the lowering of the voting age! DM could be an accurate forecaster.

susiecb Tue 03-Jan-12 09:45:16

Oh yes Franky Boyle should be ostraticed in the same way Bernard Manning was and be off our screens. Obviously he will have an audience but nobody I would want to know.