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JINGS! Terribly important that you read this!

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bagitha Sat 14-Jan-12 09:51:50

Next time I change my name, I'm pinching yours! It's that jeni's fault, calling us jing/bag. Donecha just lurve that name? "Jingbag".

jingl Sat 14-Jan-12 09:57:32

No!!! Jingbag is horrible!!! You can't!

BagithaMadam is best.

And I could be Jingldarling.


jingl Sat 14-Jan-12 09:58:13

Yers, that was very important, wasn't it. hmm


jingl Sat 14-Jan-12 09:58:32

Yes not yers

bagitha Sat 14-Jan-12 09:59:43

Why don't we compromise? You be Jinglmadam and I'll be the Bagdarling?

Carol Sat 14-Jan-12 10:01:28

NURSE!!!!! They're out of bed again..........can someone please keep an eye on Jings and Bags while we finish breakfast?

jingl Sat 14-Jan-12 10:01:30

NO!!!!!!!! I wanna be darling.

Then even Charlotta will have to call me darling.

And Geraldine!!!!! (and she must well hate me by now) grin

jingl Sat 14-Jan-12 10:02:56

Carol, grin

bagitha Sat 14-Jan-12 10:05:19

I really want Jingbag! Since we can't agree a compromise, I'll have to fight you. You can still be darling, darlingjings.

jingl Sat 14-Jan-12 10:05:41

I've gotta get dressed now. I've got a man coming and he's caught me in the bath before.

bagitha Sat 14-Jan-12 10:06:20

Geraldine isn't allowed to hate any of us. It says in the rools.

jingl Sat 14-Jan-12 10:06:58

Go on then. BUT, don't forget if you un-subscribe to do it you will have to put all that profile shit stuff up again.

jingl Sat 14-Jan-12 10:08:12

And you can't POSSIBLY ask them. Don't want them thinking we're mad or anything. shock

jingl Sat 14-Jan-12 10:08:46

Do we? manic grin

Carol Sat 14-Jan-12 10:16:46

Hmmmm.....I like bags/bagitha/Bagdarling/JIngbag and I like *Jingl/Jangle/JingDarling, but who do I like best? There's only one way to find out.........FIGHT!!!!!!!!!

bagitha Sat 14-Jan-12 10:19:27

She's in the bath waitng for her man to catch her again (fishing line? tuna fish imagery, anyone?) and I'm going to cause mayhem in my sewing room so we'll have to put off the fight for now. FOR NOW!

jingl Sat 14-Jan-12 10:55:56

whale? grin

jingl Sat 14-Jan-12 11:01:28

Sometimes unsubscribing gets a bit difficult. Well, it's not so much the UN subscribing as getting BACK IN again. Last time I nearly missed the hallowe'en bash. (Geraldine was "in a meeting" (yeah right.))

jingl Sat 14-Jan-12 11:03:08

I suppose I'd better go and cause mayhem in my kitchen. sigh!

jeni Sat 14-Jan-12 12:07:50

jingsweets I dont think you're as big as a whale.a nice cuddly dolphin perhaps? Although come to think of it , ( pedants alert) does one "fish" for cetaceans?
Or have I got the wrong end of the stick (rod?) andy hare the one doing the fishing? confused

jeni Sat 14-Jan-12 12:08:55

Sorry still early for me. Should read are you

bagitha Sat 14-Jan-12 12:16:03

I think cetaceans sometimes get fished out in fishing nets and albatrosses sometimes get caught be fishing lines. confused sad

Now I'm going to say something shocking.

I suppose you can eat cetaceans.

There's a story about a sailor who got into trouble for shooting a seal for food during Sunday prayers aboard a ship, even though he did it because seal meat is a good source of vitamin C and the ship had run out of limes and the men were beginning tomget scurvy. The madness of religion!

It's in Simon Winchester's book Atlantic.

Back to the sewing room. I'm on a creative streak but need time out periods because it's quite intense being creative.

jingl Sat 14-Jan-12 12:23:35

jeni, Mr Ocado (if I have interpreted your question right hmm smile)

jeni Sat 14-Jan-12 12:23:57

I've caugt a seagull on a fishing line when fishing for mackerel. Damm thing was trying to steal my fish off the line? Must have been on glasses weigh in and desperate.:- like me !!!!!!!

jingl Sat 14-Jan-12 12:24:32

No, not me.