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flowerfriend Thu 19-Jan-12 10:12:08

Only a few days into Gransnet and I am really enjoying it all and I shall mention it to quite a few friends but unfortunately my closest friend is child-less by choice so don't think I shall tell her. I see her several times a week and I feel I am keeping something from her but I think she would be frankly appalled at the thought. She is a truly kind and thoughtful friend but prefers animals to children.

susiecb Thu 19-Jan-12 10:13:27

i think she might still enjoy our chatter - we talk about lots of things not just grandchildren - why not sound her out. Nice to meet you by the waysmile

kittylester Thu 19-Jan-12 10:26:56

Hi flowerfriend - I see the people on Gransnet as totally separate from my "real" friends and, in some ways, I would hate to think that someone I know in "real life" was here too.

Gransnet is a special place just for me! smile

em Thu 19-Jan-12 10:33:33

Hello flowerfriend. I think there are two schools of thought. Some of us want to spread the word while others are wary of jeopardising privacy/anonymity. I've read posts where the poster is only comfortable discussing very private problems because of that privacy. Don''t know if you have yet accessed some of the 'grittier' threads but if you have, you might agree that with certain problems, you definitely would not want your friends to read some of the opinions and comments. We each have to decide our in role in the world of Gransnet. It's a friendly and supportive place which can also be thought-provoking and witty. Enjoy your times with us.

Annika Thu 19-Jan-12 10:51:03

flowerfriend I don't think any one needs to have grandchildren to be on here. Just take a look at some of the things we `talk` about on here that has nothing to do with grandchildren.
There are threads about , sheds, smart meters. what we wear in bed, men I we lust fancy blush, where we live , etc, etc,

flowerfriend you are very wecome on here grin

flowerfriend Thu 19-Jan-12 19:06:42

Yes I understand about it being a separate and therefore free place to voice opinions. Give me time I am just feeling my feet. Thank you for everyones comments.

By the way - I mostly dont bother with punctuation - I have a french keyboard which I convert to qwerty but then cant find the punctuation marks.

Greetings to all of you in Gransnetland.

em Thu 19-Jan-12 19:13:04

Oh Flowerfriend you'll make a positive contribution to the debate about apostrophes! Some of us sprinkle them liberally all over the place, some ask questions about how they are used correctly and some answer those questions. Your keyboard is effectively a punctuation-free zone and I'd bet that we all understand your posts every bit as well. Some of us have skirted round the idea of abolishing the dreaded 's altogether. Get typing and posting!

Carol Thu 19-Jan-12 19:35:30

Hi Flowerfriend and welcome to our chats. Looking forward to hearing more from you - we have lots of fun, a bit of wickedness and armfulls of support!

I also like the anonymity of Gransnet - it's specially for me, and I like to log on to hear from my virtual friends.

glammanana Thu 19-Jan-12 21:17:11

Welcome Flowerfriend you will enjoy our conversation's we are a very diverse group indeed,everyone has talents to share with everyone else,be it gardening,cookery,books to recommend and the way of the world in general,so you will find some fab threads to read and get involved with ,your friend may like the section we have referring to pets,quite a lot of us have animals including horses so we have a good mix,Gransnet is truely a very friendly place to been seen

em Thu 19-Jan-12 21:20:11

Amazing timing! Just as we are discussing whether to keep GN a private secret or to spread the news, I had a very interesting email. I am a member of a research panel at the local uni which takes part in discussions on how modern technologies can help our age group eg using mobile phones and computers, using chatroom and email etc. Today's email asked if we have had any new experiences recently citing Kindle as an example. I am inclined to tell them about GN but I am one of those who value the privacy that anonymity gives us. I think I could pass on my comments in confidence. What do you think?

glammanana Thu 19-Jan-12 21:29:28

em There is every possibity that there are some members of GN already on the panel who have kept their privacy already,I would go down the route of telling about GN but to keep your anonymity. Very spooky to have a question like that though isn't it ? smile

em Thu 19-Jan-12 21:36:26

Yes Glamma - must ask her if she's been lurking. It's only cropped up today which is a spooky coincidence! If anyone in Dundee knows exactly what I'm on about and if, as Glamma suggests, you are already on that panel, PLEASE pm me!!

Cyril Thu 19-Jan-12 22:16:17

Welcome Flowerfriend. smile I am also one of the newer ones and still finding my way here. I am one who carefully guards privacy so there is no way I would discuss the site with anyone that I know.

Annobel Thu 19-Jan-12 22:35:56

I have probably revealed enough about myself to give myself away to anyone who previously knew me, or still does. However, no-one has commented and I'm not recommending GN to friends and relatives.

glammanana Thu 19-Jan-12 22:47:58

Annobel best way.

Annobel Thu 19-Jan-12 22:50:51

After all, we mostly found our way here without recommendation.

Tosh Thu 19-Jan-12 23:57:48

I was soooo happy to find GN I told my daughters about it. As I don't get out much (due to DH's health) I don't get to see my ''real'' friends much....I love meeting friends here ............but if you do tell your family please be careful what you say as I inadvertantly upset my daughter.
It doesn't take Miss Marple to work out your nickname !!!!!

Welcome flowerfriend sound like a 'flowerfairy' xxx thanks

flowerfriend Sun 22-Jan-12 10:44:36

Now that I have had a chance to read through a variety of different topics I understand why some members say they keep Gransnet to themselves for the freedom. I am with them now and have enjoyed so many different opinions and experiences on such differing subjects. Quite an eye-opener some of them. To have the freedom to discuss everything from masturbation to political views is amazing. WOW. Happy Sunday to all Gransnetters - even the ones whose views I disagree with.

Carol Sun 22-Jan-12 10:55:06

My sentiments, too flowerfriend. Gransnet for me is like walking into the local coffee shop for a morning's chat with my friends. I often get up in the morning and, whilst pottering around in the kitchen, wonder what I will read on Gransnet today. Fabulous!

Ariadne Sun 22-Jan-12 11:22:03

Yes, it's just like that, Carol! very much part of my morning routine now (no matter what time I'm up). And I love getting back to it when I've had to miss my fix. sunshine

syberia Sun 22-Jan-12 11:36:14

I would feel lost without it now! I love reading everyone's comments and have found it at times uplifting, useful, sad and varied other emotions. All life is here! sunshine (I love that emoticon!)

greenmossgiel Sun 22-Jan-12 11:52:15

Actually....I was going to start a thread asking us all to be truthful about how long they spend on here? I won't start the thread, but I'd be very interested to know what the replies may be! It just seems that whenever I'm is just about everyone else.....!?? grin

syberia Sun 22-Jan-12 11:55:55

greenmossgiel grin
I tend to read all the "relevant" threads, then all from the last hour, then go over them all to see if I missed any, by which time someone has usually posted something else, so I have to read that.........
Can be quite some time!!

greenmossgiel Sun 22-Jan-12 12:00:30

That's me! I do the same, syberia. And in the evening, with knitting or my book at my side, and the TV on, I reach for my laptop at intervals to see who's said what. When things start slowing down, I feel quite disappointed! grin

Carol Sun 22-Jan-12 12:07:27

Same for me - I will be away for long chunks at a time, doing grandmother things or meeting with friends and family, but if I'm at home..........